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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Learned a new job skill tonight
And fed the dragon for 4 hours.

Details trained me on the scanner, including proper kicking (which doesn't actually involve feet, it just felt like it).

I knocked out the only indexing job they left me in just 1:22, then took a dinner break.

The New Dieter's Cookbook continues to impress me: tonight's dinner was a spinach-feta pie that tastes remarkably unlike either spinach or feta (or cottage cheese, for that matter, one of its other ingredients). This is a good thing, since I don't care for any of the three. I liked the pie.

Finished dinner at 8:22, trained for a bit, then scanned a whole bunch of medical files. Clocked out at 12:23am.

This morning at bowling there was ugliness. Slacker-bowler gave extreme attitude about payment, and I pushed back, rather than letting it slide. She threw a tantrum, quit bowling after the first frame of the her third game, even after having it made clear that would mean quitting the league at this point.

Some people were never taught good sportsmanship, and responsibility to a team.

Quitting reduced her debt by $20 - the last two weeks are paid ahead - and one of the other bowlers in the league (not on her team, as they didn't fall for her theatrics) paid her debt to the league.

A rather dark cloud cast on a bright morning. Not only was it sunny and mild, but I bowled fantastically well today. My first game was a 177! We took all four points, bringing us within one point of the second place team.

I got information from KitchenLady about how much a breakfast buffet would cost for the league banquet. We never got around to appointing a banquet committee, so I'm doing the groundwork myself. There are two weeks of regular bowling left, then banquet.

Then I'm taking a break from bowling until Tuesday Tigers start up again in August.

In completely unrelated news, Tigger has taken to using a new expletive: "Tartar sauce." I think he said he got it from Teen Titans. He sounds so cute when he uses it. :) I'd been meaning to write about that, but I haven't had a lot of time for writing, lately.

Tomorrow, I'm washing dishes and folding laundry first thing, then I think this week's cleaning task will be all four toilets. And the sinks and counters. And maybe the bathtubs, if I'm ambitious. But not the floors. I've got to draw the line. ;)

Once I've tired myself out with physical labor, I'll move on to bookwork. I have a chat-date with Sydb at 12:30, and that way I can get the moving around the house stuff done before I sit down to chat.

The boys have chess club until 5pm tomorrow, and since I've been banned, I don't have to leave the house until it's time to pick them up. More time for housework...

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Haha "Aww Tartar Sauce" is from Spongebob, dunno about Teen Titans. That's very cute lol

So, logically, I would have thought Sponge Bob. Which means that now I don't know what Other Phrase Tigger has also taken to using, that he got from Teen Titans.


Why did you make spinach-feta pie if you don't like spinach or feta? :-) Blind faith?

Maybe so. Faith in Flar?

He has a history of picking really yucky-looking (to me) recipes that turn out to be yummy (to me). Case in point, Peanut Butter Stew, which I need to get around to writing up in my journal.

He's been working very hard (for some pretty high-priority health reasons) to lose weight. He's been alternating between Eating Less and going on a more strict Diet Plan. The original premise was "I can eat anything for just X days, even food I don't like." During strict diet plan phase, I'm helping with the shopping and cooking, and mostly following it with him. Which means being willing to try icking sounding foods.

By the way, the pie was good for lunch today -- even warmed-over, which sometimes intensives spinach flavor for me.

The cookbook we're using is one that I bought. Originally, I got the New Dieter's Cookbook, published by Better Homes, through the cookbook club. Flar pulled it out one time a few years ago when he was looking for lighter recipes, and we developed a few favorites from it. But the book was in the pantry when the water heater burst, and the water damage has accelerated the normal damage from time.

I noticed that a new issue of the book was out, so I *gasp* unsealed the celophane in the bookstore to check it out. Alas, not a single familiar recipe made it from the old edition to the latest one. However, I ran across numerous recipes I just *had* to try. Flar was okay with the new cookbook, because it meant a new set of 14 days of menu since we followed it in February.

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