Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

falling behind

The last day I was caught up reading LJ was the 3rd at 1am. (I read Sydb's to catch up with her, but I haven't had time for the full list.)

The last day I wrote anything of interest was the 2nd, at 2am. -- The next time I anticipate having time to write anything of substance is Friday.

I mailed four checks today that I should have mailed before spring break.

I haven't unpacked from Spring Break yet.

I've read today's paper, but none of the issues that Flar carefully saved for me.

I used up all the work by 8:30 tonight, even with an hour dinner break, and I used the extra time at home to finish the favor bags for the Tuesday Tigers bowling banquet tomorrow. Then Mom clipped coupons while I made out a grocery list based on the new edition of the diet cookbook.

Tomorrow we'll be out all day, with bowling, Sam's, the allergist, lunch and Kroger's.

I'll start opening mail tomorrow evening, and finish up while I'm running laundry on Wednesday.

I need to remember to call Opman tomorrow at noon. Don't know what's up with that... He may want to train me on the scanner; I think we have a job in that involves scanning but no indexing.

Haven't started this year's PWP invitation, still need to make invitations for the chess club sleepover, still need to make participation certificates for the kids, will eventually need to print reports for Flar for taxes.

I picked up Rookettes records on the way to work today, so I can update them on Wednesday.

Feeling a tad stressy about time.

Missing my away-spice. While I was on vacation, I was able to chat with them, for at least a short time, almost every night. Now that I'm back home, I can't get online before they're asleep, and with Mom still here, phone calls have been short or non-existent.

But it's the I'm very very alive time-stressy, and I know when the next two times are that I get to see them, and I've so much to do, so when I do slow down long enough to notice, I find out I'm happy.

And very sleepy.


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