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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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I should set out cheese and crackers
... to go with this whine.

Maybe I'll find a nice cheesey icon somewhere.

In no particular order:

School sucks. Bride was sick today, so they cancelled chess club. Back when Coach was in charge, he'd call me to see if I was planning to be there, and club would go on as scheduled. I've been asked not to attend chess club the rest of the year, so they just cancelled it outright for today. I haven't written about this whole thing, it's long and drawn out, and I haven't the energy to write more about it today.

Except for. Chess Club sucks. I was unfairly penalized following a false accusation, but the bitch who's running the school right now. See School Sucks. Earlier rants about dress code and ninth grade cancellation relevant.

Tigger appears to be coming down with something. He had a queasy stomach this morning, but no throwing up, and he thought he could handle school. I got a call around 11 that he came to the nurse with a headache and a 99°F temp.

I still haven't done the grocery shopping for this week, and have a get out of shopping free card from Flar, who remind me he can shop for his own self this week while he's home alone during Spring Break.

The house is a mess.

I haven't been getting enough sleep - work, getting up early for the boys/phone call with Wolf, not-getting-the-house-clean work, etc. interfering with the sleep imperative.

I only got half the laundry done this week, see earlier remark about groceries and correlate with low supply of laundry detergent.

Two fish died in the aquarium.

On the bright side:

I can whine about it in my journal.

My nails are lilac, and the "Hard as Nails" stuff seems to be performing as desired.

I got to play a new card game at bowling yesterday, and even won one round.

I'm going on vacation Real Soon Now.

I am loved.

Even when I'm a whiny bitch.

My dogs are adorably cute.

The sun is shining.

Things are green.

Oh wait, I need my claritin, maybe that was a whine.

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... I've been asked not to attend chess club the rest of the year, ...

WHAT?!? Deb, how in God's name can TLS call itself any kind of elite prep school without a chess club? And without you beating your head against the wall over it, over and over again, they wouldn't have a chess club to lock you out of! What in God's green earth can they possibly be so offended over as to let a popular activity, one that really helps their students, go down the drain if that's what it costs to spite you personally? And who needs to be slapped, as often as necessary, until they get over it and smarten up?

On the off chance that you would rather be above it all, and claim the moral high ground, can I be all offended and huffy for you?

Anyone who knows me at all, knows by now that I *have* no moral high ground. I'll wallow around happily in my libertarian quagmire of hedonism, I think. And maybe hide in the mud.

I keep entertaining very spiteful thoughts like "let 'em see what chess club is like without me."

If we take Tigger out of TLS, it'll be interesting to see what happens to the chess team next year. There are interested parents who are advocates of the team, but that I would expect to take up the baton of organization.

If we keep Tigger in TLS, I may or may not continue doing the organization stuff. I have to feel as if I'm actually *wanted* in the position.

I just read your article about Godwin's law.

Is there a law covering the use of minor evil characterizations?

I've been fantasizing about plastering the school with posters of the current headmistress -- captained "Professor Umbridge." If you haven't read Harry Potter 5, my apologies.

Demonization, portraying your opponent as a metaphoric being of evil, is a cheap political tactic. It says absolutely nothing about who's right and who's wrong on the facts or on the issues.

On the other hand, it's a powerfully effective tactic, isn't it? And a classic. And sometimes it's not about the facts or the issues, is it? Sometimes it's just about somebody who wants the power or glory for themselves, and thinks they have the power to simply seize it.

You can fight clean, you can fight dirty, you can fight passive-aggressive, or you can choose not to fight. Without knowing more of the facts, I wouldn't presume to tell you which one I think is the right choice, eh?

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