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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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My brother's username is sometimes far too apt.

Change has been the theme all year; more drastic change is being thought of.

I told him I'd knit him new sweaters anyway.

I hope to write more rationally, later this week, or possibly this weekend, about TLS and the possibility that Tigger will attend Sayre next year.

Right now, I need to fix myself a nice tall wine cooler to numb myself after having to tell my son something I knew would make him cry.

I used to love TLS.

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that's all I can do - just huggles, and I love you

((hugs)) that had to be tough.

I'm not sure that I understood anything in this entry, but *hugs*.

Thank you for the *hugs*

Lessee, my brother's username is labtyd - I didn't get it for years, actually: Life's A Bitch, Then You Die.

TLS has an interim headmistress this year, whom I've decided to call Umbridge. If you've read Harry Potter 5, then you have an idea of how feel about her. She's been making quite a few changes this year.

One of the changes is the school dress code. It's not a uniform, but it might as well be. The most onerous change is a requirement of "solid color" shirts and sweaters. *All* of Tigger's sweaters are striped or patterned, so we've come up with a plan for me to make him lots of sweaters with a knitting machine. Buying sweaters might be cheaper, but finding them in solid color AND a color that Tigger likes is difficult.

If we pull Tigger out of TLS and put him in Sayre, his wardrobe is no longer invalidated - their dress code is the same as the old TLS one. But I'll probably make him a few new sweaters anyway, just make them nifty patterns, since that's supposed to be one of the advantages of knitting machines: The ability to knit multi-colored patterns easily.

When we were telling Tigger about the possibility of changing schools, we also told the boys about me being invited not to attend chess club the rest of the year. They were appalled.

Tonight we decide which school for Tigger to attend, next year.

:S I hate dress codes. They're supposed to be equalizers (or, in Los Angeles, ways to eliminate gang insignias), but I don't see that they really work.

Good luck with your decision!

There are so many things I haven't taken the time to write about, with Mom here for Spring Break.

I don't remember if I wrote about what we decided.

Anyway, we decided to keep Tigger at TLS for two more years, and decide when he is going into middle school, whether to stay at TLS, or move to Sayre. Middle school is a more natural change point and it gives us two years (or really, a year and a half, given when enrollments are done) to decide how the new headmaster is running things.

*snugs* Good luck with that.

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