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A Birthday Well Celebrated

The sleepover and bowling party went well.

Tigger got many gifts, which I will be helping him to inventory for Thank You notes, on Sunday. Many of the gifts were games and accessories for his new Game Cube. Another popular choice was books and gift certificates to Joseph Beth Bookseller.

He had 7 guests for the sleepover. One didn't sleep over, and one had to leave early this morning. They spent their time playing Game Cube, sitting in the jacuzzi, making and eating pizza, decorating the birthday cake, watching movies, playing Hide and Seek, and for the most part, being as loud as 9-11 year olds are.

The pizzas ranged from extra cheese to sausage-pepperoni-clam-olive. We cooked 5 Tombstone Cheese pizzas with varying choices of added toppings, and there are only three pieces leftover in the fridge. I think the only reason the ultimate pizza produced leftovers, was the sheer amount of food it represented, but the time they finished adding all the toppings.

Three of the guests helped Tigger decorate the cake, after I frosted it. They used Starbursts, Skittles, Twizzlers, graham crackers, gummy Lifesavers, gummy worms, Three Musketeers and a Reese's Cup to create a castle after a seige.

They picked out Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Space Balls, Men in Black: 2, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Mission Impossible: 2 and watched all but the last.

The only real disturbance was caused by an inappropriate choice to switch from movies back to video games at 4:30am. Flar got up at 5 to ask them to quiet down, and when I found out that they were playing games instead of watching movies, I got up and switched things back. I got back to bed around 6am, as there was a prolonged search for the DVD remote control which slowed us down.

Flar took the morning shift, getting up early enough to wake one guest who had to leave early. He then kept an eye on the boys and got at least 2 hours of work done before we went over to the bowling alley. I got to sleep from 2am to 5am, and then again from 6am to 10am. When I woke up the second time, the boys were Very Quietly playing Hide and Seek around the house.

Flar fixed pancakes for breakfast, and I handled the orders for bacon, eggs and spam sandwiches. After breakfast, the boys cleaned up the family room, and got all their stuff together, ready to pile into the car and drive over to the bowling alley.

At the bowling alley, we were joined by four more guests who hadn't been able to come to the sleepover. We had cake and ice cream and fries and tater tots. Tigger got to open more presents, and the boys all bowled at least two games apiece.

By the time it was all over, a little before 3pm, I was quite ready to go home and collapse. And I even had a fine excuse: on the way into the bowling alley, I was carrying the cake. It blocked my view of one of the steps in the parking lot, and I tripped, falling straight onto my knees. My left knee has decided to swell up and be all stiff and bruised and angry. When we got home, I loaded the dishwasher -- I didn't buy paper plates for the party, and I didn't want Critter to shoulder all of the increased workload, fixed myself a small lunch, got the Thursday and Friday papers and an ice pack, and settled into my recliner. I spent the rest of the evening with my feet propped up, and an ice pack on my knee, immersed in the computer and the paper.

Turnip is letting me install Gallery in my space on his computer, to I'll soon have a nifty way to share pictures. When I do, I'll post pictures of the birthday party. In the meantime, as soon as Tigger has his loot suitably displayed for the final shot, I'm making up picture CDs for all the party guests to go with their free bowling coupons (courtesy of Collins), and (I hope) thank you notes from Tigger.

Tigger spent the rest of the day playing Super Monkey Ball, Crazy Taxi and Super Smash Brothers Melee, except for the time we spent watching Beverly Hills Ninja.

Tomorrow we have the state chess tournament, so I need to head to bed early.

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