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Home for seven weekends

Too much, I will sum up. ;)

I had a wonderful weekend in Louisville, and I'm ready to be home for 7 weekends before going back to stay for a month.

Yes, Louisville is also home. But I found that it was also som ewhat wearing being away from this home for 4 weekends in a row. Since I get to see Sydb and Wolf at least two of those weekends, I'm kind of looking forward to being home awhile.

Even though home means work. I've decided that laundry can wait until to morrow or Thursday (liberally taking advantage of my week off from bowling), in favor of general cleaning. The plumbers are coming tomorrow to dig up and replace the kitchen drain line, then I can use the kitchen sink and dishwasher again. We've survive d pretty well with paper plates and plastic flatware, but the pots and pans are building up...

Beyond that, the house is just way cluttered and in need of vacuuming and carpet shampooing (I keep reminding myself that the new puppy was not on purpose) a nd some organization in the dining room. The kitchen table is the worst, since everything gets put there. Bowling being over means I should be putting all that stuff away until the end of summer; there's bills and projects and school work and interesti ng reading and just plain junk thrown in.

I know that if I can just get the place cleaned up and not crying out to me, that in seven weeks when I move to Louisville for a month, that I'll be more comfortable spending the time away from home.

The weekend. It was really really good. Friday I was so exhausted at the end of an emotionally and circumstantially trying week, that I slept from noon til 4pm. Luckily Kittybane was here, and kept the kids from waking me. We went out for groceries to last the w eekend, and then she kept me sane while I was cooking and packing. We got to cuddle together to sleep. Which meant I slept more soundly, albeit with less actual clock time.

I got up insanely early so that I could shower and print out comix before leaving the house in time to take Cinder to the airport. She's going to be a week in CA, continuing to work on getting to move out there. I hope she'll get to dance. Meanwhile, I'm in charge of petting Bosco, her very demanding cat. I bring a book and pet and comb him until he finally gets bored with it. Last night I netted about a quart of fur.

I got to see the hot air balloons lifting off from the fairgrounds, on my way to Wolf and Sydb's. There was also a mini-marathon and marathon scheduled for Saturday, so I had to take a different route to their house. But there was still time for cuddling and teasing and talking before we left for the hospital. It was nice. Too bad I didn't use the time while they showered to carry in stuff from my car -- it rained the rest of the day.

Wolf got Elyssa's bedroom vacuumed, and the furniture arranged for the crib. It remains to be seen if there will be room for the twin bed *and* a rocker. Another dresser would be nice too, considering how many clothes Roo has already collect ed. Meanwhile, there's an honest to goodness bed in there, woo hoo!

We didn't get the other bedroom vacuumed, but I sucked and aired and sucked and aired my bed-pillow with the Rainbow. It must have helped, because even though I forgot my nasal spra y when I packed my drugs, I could still breathe all weekend, and didn't get a sinus headache. Yay!

Other stuff over the weekend. We had a medium shopping trip to Meijer on Saturday, then I ended up there on Sunday because the weather turned too warm for what I'd packed. I have two new pairs of canvas shoes and a pair of lavender knit pants that I'm considering trading in for a smaller pair. They're kind of long in the in-seam, but I don't know how much they might draw up in my careless laundering... Eh. I'll keep these, since I bowled in them, and note what size I *really* think I am, after they're laundered. I could afford to replace a few pairs of pants for cool summer nights.

Wolf and I got some alone time upstairs on Saturday afternoon, while Sydb was doing email and live journal. Wow. It was so good for me. To re-connect when I wasn't a basket case of negative emotions and was able to let all that energy flow through me without feeling like it was going to blow something out... Yum. Sydb came back upstairs after we showered so that we could all nap together, and then we played the pregnancy game while we ate dinner. Wolf didn't enjoy it as much as Sydb and I did -- it has scrambled names, which I liked, and which Sydb was good at from days of looking through names earlier in the pregnancy. It also has pictionary-type puzzles, and Sydb and I really enjoyed those. But how do you draw silver?

We watched My Cousin Vinnie, and got to sleep reasonably early enough for church the ne xt day. I have to say that I didn't particularly enjoy the tone of the message that the kids had in their service on Sunday. There was so much I wanted to argue with. It took me a while to calm down. Mostly by continually reminding myself of the idealism and black/white approach of youth. It takes years to learn about the shades of grey. And the truth is that everything that they were harping about *is* messed up -- I just didn't agree with their so easy solutions. And I think I've lost faith in the methods they were proposing, as well.

Being with Sydb and Wolf so much this week has been a blessing for me. I hope that I can really be a help for them when Roo is born, and those first precious few weeks of life. I still have to pinch myself -- how many new parents would so completely include anyone in this most special time? And I just melt into a happy puddle when I see them looking into each others' eyes, see that love between them just flowing back and forth. They are both going to be such great parents, and Wolf is going to be such a supportive dad during the birth. I'm grateful to be able to share this with them. And wanted to write it out so that I could read about it when the everyday stuff around here gets me down.

And wow, prayers do get answered. I prayed this weekend for peace, and in choosing emotion for this post, I realized that is how I feel right now.

Thank you, God.

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