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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Ran out of work
I forgot to mention that I'm not working tonight. I was orginally taking off tomorrow night for the sleepover, but then I used up all the work on Monday night. Opman called me on Tuesday to tell me that we're "all caught up on indexing" until next week.

Seeing as how I finished up at 9pm on Monday, and that with an hour for dinner, I'm not surprised.

It meant I didn't have to go nuts to find time to make the birthday cake, however. It's cooling now, while I make the icing.

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Silly question, but what are you doing for a living these days? Somehow I missed it.

For living? Still dependent on Flar.

But, for peace of mind, so it seems like I'm doing something to help when money is tight, and for pay that usually covers the boys' allowance, my cash spending money, and even leftovers to deposit, I work as an indexer for an imaging company.

Our clients send us records; our preppers make the records ready for scanning, then after they've been scanned, I type information from the graphic images into index fields for later retrieval. The final products - indexed graphics databases - go back to the client on CDs.

Monkey work. I started at $8 and hour and got a 6% raise at my 90 day review. But it's been very mind-easing, when money's been tight. Not so much because I was bringing any amount of money in that could be noticed, but because it gave me something else to do/think about three nights a week, other than "we're broke."

And hey, things are looking up. Flar's "fully signed" and may still have more work piled up on him soon. It'll take a while to pull ourselves back up out of the hole, but at least there's a rope ladder, now.

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