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Since Monday....

While I was on-line Monday night, I noticed I was starting to get sniffles. After my shower Tuesday morning, I was dizzy. When I noticed a scratchy throat, I decided it would be prudent to call the doctor.

I was able to get an 11:10 am appt, so I went ahead to the bowling alley, and was able to bowl two games. I bowled over average, even with the dizziness -- you don't notice how many times you turn around, when bowling, until you bowl through dizziness -- but we had a 108 point handicap advantage, which means they creamed us. I don't know how Grace did for the last game.

The doctor prescribed a Z-pack and prescription strength guiafensin. Which put a hold on the whole seasonal drunkenness idea. But hey, I was already dizzy.

I got the Sam's shopping done, and got my allergy shot, but I put off grocery shopping to Wednesday.

On the way home from school, I took the boys to Incredipet to get the aquarium water tested, and pick out fish. We have already named all the new residents:
A Red Barb - Gold Neon, she spends a lot of time with her reflection. And, what can I say? Having another Auntie Deb in the house would be confusing.
A Cherry Barb, she likes to swim fast, zipping all over the tank.
A Glo-Lite Tetra, she is partly transparent, pale gold with bright orange highlights. We named her for her coloring.
Darryl and Darryl
A pair of Dwarf Frogs. They don't say much. ;) Mostly, they bury themselves under the rocks in the tank.

Last night I finally started tearing into the cleaning project in my bedroom. I've emptied two of the shelves next to my dresser, and hung the rainbow mobile that Flar brought me from Brazil. Flar said he doesn't mind this being my "background" project at home, when I'm not doing regular stuff.

While we were eating dinner, I called around to find a Game Cube, and we took Tigger to spend his birthday money. We're letting him get the Game Cube before his birthday, so it'll be here for his sleepover tomorrow night. We bought him a copy of Super Monkey Ball to start.

Before bubble bath, I fixed a blender of virgin smoothie to share with Flar. Lots of strawberries, a very sweet (read: brown on the outside) banana, skim milk, and a few scoops of light french vanilla ice cream. No alcohol, because of the z-pack, but it was yummy, and practically on our diet.

My bubble bath/phone call with Wolf was good last night. But I missed out on being "tucked in" over the phone, because I thought Flar had already come to bed. He had actually just come in the bedroom and left again while I was in the bath.

Today I put seven loads of laundry through the machines, counting the load of dog towels that I forgot to dry last week (and re-washed, this morning). I also washed dishes (quickly, since I haven't let any accumulate), opened mail, chatted with Sydb, wrapped the presents that my mom ordered for Tigger, and made a short round trip to Circuit City to exchange a damaged present. One of Tigger's presents is a carrier for the Game Cube, and there was a slice through the material on one side, as if in a packaging versus box cutter mishap. Knight spent the morning with me, keeping me company through the laundry and mail and present-wrapping and ooh, I did some coupon clipping and sorting, too.

I ended up bringing the boys home before going back out to do the grocery shopping, and I still forgot to check the sodas in the cooler. But otherwise, I had a comprehensive list and coupons, and a Tigger-helper. We've got all the supplies for the birthday cake, as well as six Tombstone cheese pizzas, and plenty of toppings for the boys to customize their own tomorrow night. As well as what we need for the rest of the week, for dinners, etc.

There's no school on Friday. Yes, Tigger's birthday is traditionally a three-day weekend at TLS. :) We're taking advantage of the day off, to have a Thursday night sleepover, ending with a bowling party at lunchtime on Friday. Tigger's going to have 10 kids sleeping over, and 5 meeting us at the bowling alley, who have conflicting plans Thursday night. One of the kids sleeping over is in treatment for leukemia. His immunity level is healthy right now, so his parents are allowing him to sleepover. We've had two conversations (so far) about what his limitations are (which boil down to "stay inside" and "no rough-housing"). He has a chemo treatment in the morning, so he's not going to the bowling alley with us. But, he's one of Tigger's best friends at school, and he's had to home-school because of the leukemia, so we're very excited that he's going to be able to come to the party.

Now that I've whiled away my dinner time reading LJ and writing this update, I've got a cake to bake!

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