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A very busy-kin.

By the end of the day, I can say that I'm caught up on everything except Quicken and coupons. I've been letting coupons slide, but at least I clipped everything up to Sunday while Tigger was bowling on Saturday. And I updated Quicken Friday, so there's not so much accumulated.

I did vacuum the family room, AND dusted. (But didn't pick up and dust under all the pictures and stuff on the mantel. Just dusted in front of them.)

I also caught up on dishes, folded and put away all the laundry, and even opened the mail that came today. I also called most of the guest list for Tigger's party, as RSVPs are slow in arriving.

Flar got home from Brazil today. Where it's the end of summer, leading into fall. Flar's asleep, and has been in bed since 8pm. Aside from club-hopping on Friday night that seriously damaged his circadian rhythms (he and Gaucha got back to the hotel at 7:30am), it's still daylight savings time there, which translates to three hours ahead of here.

Maybe tomorrow he will be rested enough to show me all the goodies he found on this trip.

Anyway, what with cleaning and catching up, and picking up Flar and fixing us a hot lunch, I never got a chance to read LJ today. And Mondays are rather busy on my friends-view.

Which is why, when I used up all the work by 9pm, I decided to get online and read LJ when I got home.

Now I can say I'm caught up here, too.

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