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Busy week

Wow, it's been since Wednesday that I updated last.

Wednesday night, on my way to bed after work, I wrote out on the White Board my Thursday and Friday:

7:30 TLS-Bank-Random-Rookettes-Cards- Home
2:30 Car-line
4:30 Work - tourny calling
7:30 TLS-home
Tourny paperwork
Re-Org Bedroom
3 Chess Club
Enchiladas for dinner

It was wonderful not to expect to accomplish anything but napping on Thursday. Wonderful enough that I stayed up after work Thursday night, to download email and read LJ.

For the second time this week I bowled by myself against vacant. Good to know that I can still bowl within 30 points of my own average, I guess. It was fun sticking around after bowling to play cards with Spydie and LaDonna.

Friday, I had hopes for a deep-cleaning project in the bedroom, while Knight was over to keep me company. But I decided to fix a fancy breakfast for him (eggs benedict) and didn't get started on the Tourny handouts until after breakfast. By the time I had everything ready for Chess Club, I decided I'd rather work on quicken and the kitchen table, rather than dig into am ambitious cleaning project. Knight was good company, and awfully good natured about letting me rant about Shrub.

At Chess Club, I found out that Bride's husband (currently in the pharmacy program at UK) has accepted a position with WalGreen's in Tennessee, so we'll be breaking in yet another new chess sponsor next year. Sigh.

By the time I got done making enchiladas, I was ready to veg out. Turns out the rain kept Wolf and Sydb at home, so I got to chat with Sydb a bit while I played a couple of games of chess with Wolf. I won the first game by noticing more of Wolf's mistakes than he did mine, but in the second game, his superior experience proved out. Then, instead of heading to bed at a reasonable time with maybe time for writing LJ entries or something, I got into a back-and-forth discussion with Wolf over file formats for a proposed email 'bot to aid in calendar sharing.

Saturday, I took Tigger bowling, and found out that the last day of bowling is Mar 27 - later than I'd expected. After bowling, we dropped by Lowe's for some light bulbs and picked up a dining room chair that's been waiting at the upholsterer since shortly after Christmas. While I was waiting for Tigger to bowl, I finally clipped my back-log of coupons (now I just have the circulars from today's paper, and to sort all the coupons). Unfortunately, I also fielded a phone call from one of the chess moms who always rubbed me the wrong way. This phone call went worse than usual, and I'm afraid I just couldn't handle her "you are my servant, why are you not kow-towing to me?" attitude a moment longer. And they say the caste system is dead in India. Hah.

While Tigger and I were out, Critter was busily emptying the bottom two shelves of the blue cabinet in the family room. When we got home, tore into the rest of it. Replaced two lights in the track lighting, then cleaned and re-organized those two shelves. The photo albums are now in alphabetical order, and un-cluttered by any other mess. On the shelf below, the aquarium has a freshly cleaned filter, and is filled with nice clear water, awaiting weekly testing and eventual re-population.

We moved the tank to the center of the shelf, put all the aquarium support materials to the left, and currently the right has: An album for pictures of cakes that I've made, two containers of assorted laptop accessories that I rarely use, a power strip, the transformer for my laptop, my halogen desklamp and paperback dictionaries: LaRousse's, Scrabble and Concise ASL. My airdesk now has only the leopard candle, my PDA cradle, and my laptop on it. Which leaves a completely empty shelf for dinner plate or paperback.

The next space to tackle was the games cabinet. By the time we were done, the stack of games that we removed was about four feet high, and now there's a reasonable organization to the games that we kept. Gonna consult with Wolf and Sydb about the games stack, before determining their final destination. While I had my chair overturned (to get more open access to the space in front of the games cabinet), I found the second set screw for my AirDesk. It's much more stable, now. We also determined that the power supply for the vibrating feature of my chair no longer works, so unplugged it, to eliminate a useless cord on the floor behind my chair.

After a late lunch, and a rest period watching a movie on the Disney channel, Critter and I went to Wal-Mart for power strips and phone splitters. With a detour to look for a Chuck Mangione CD due to the power of suggestion by Wolf. And a frozen pizza for dinner. The way I see it, we ended up with a two cent discount -- we checked out at 7:35 pm for $19.33. Weird coincidence.

When we got home, I was rescued from going back to the cleaning project, by remembering that I needed to get the chess roster completed and emailed to the State Tournament organizer. I ended up taking the rest of the evening on that, distracted by this and that online...

There's still a huge (to me - I get overwhelmed by miscellanae to organize) amount of stuff on the coffee table and floor in the middle of the room. My general goal is to start using the space under my roll-top-desk to keep my various bags: chess club, bowling, crafts, etc, so that the space around my chair isn't so cluttered. I've got the rest of the evening to work on it with access to the boys to help me run stuff around the house. If I get enough cleaning done tonight, then I can tackle vacuuming and mopping the family room/kitchen/jacuzzi room tomorrow, before I pick up Flar at the airport.

The headache is starting to ebb. Good sign.

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