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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Sunday slump
Woke up with a migraine today. Currently feeling the migraine win the fight against the excedrin, even while the woozy from the excedrin is still apparent. I can remember when aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine didn't make me woozy. Sigh.

Slept in this morning, after my alarm woke me at 6, then 7. Was really almost awake when Wolf called me at 9:30. But a nasty migraine kept me in bed reading, long enough to field phone calls from Turnip, Flar (twice) and a TLS parent with regrets for Tigger's birthday party. The boys brought me caffeine, sustenance, hugs and excedrin.

During a brief interlude where the headache had receded (thanks to the combination of the excedrin and a hot shower), I took the boys out to Micky D's and Great Clips. One of my delay tactics for getting out of bed had been insisting that they both shower, and when Tigger got out of the shower, he declared that he needed a haircut. So, just in time for the premiere of Starsky and Hutch, Critter's hair is back in the nineties. Tigger's just looks shorter again.

Wondering if the "long layers" that I got cut in my hair will make a noticeable difference in how much my hair retains its curl. It doesn't look any shorter, so Flar shouldn't object. ;)

Now we're vegging out to Kim Possible, and I'm taking the opportunity to catch up on LJ entries.

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ugh :/ I totally sympathize with the migraine.. having one also right now - best of luck kicking it.

It was almost licked by the Excedrin. There seems to be a heavy overtone of sinus to it, so I've taken an Alavert to see if that will chase the rest of it away.

Hoping to get back to work on this room by 7pm.

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