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No bees today


No irritability today, but very peppy. And happily productive.

I got the invitations ready to mail, Rookettes records done, called Cingular, called Spydielives, talked to Wolf, ate lunch, finished yesterday's paper, started todays, put five loads through the laundry, printed a chess calling sheet and sent off an inquiry email about registration, while chatting with Envoy and Belmikey. :)

The call to Cingular - I feel foolish figuring out a problem while I'm on the phone asking customer support about it. She was very kind and didn't act like I was addle-brained. The specifics - a call to Brazil showed up in the roaming charges, even though Flar's phone has a nationwide plan. Looking carefully, it was only charged for the long-distance, no actual roaming fees occurred. And yes, we do pay long distance for international calls.

The call to Spydielives - The slacker-girl member of her bowling team on the Rookettes is 4 weeks behind on paying. If she doesn't show up with money tomorrow, we're going to replace her with vacant and not let her bowl until she's current. The league rules allow for this, but I wanted to make sure Spydie was okay with it, as team captain, before I go in with guns blazing tomorrow. The bright side - Slacker-girl works for the bowling alley, and her supervisor will make sure she makes good on the debt.

Talking to Wolf has been in short bits lately, but today's lunch phone call was a treat. Nuff said.

The laundry - sounds more impressive than it is. The first three loads were micro-sized, and all fit in one basket. Which means I'll be able to sort all of it before I go to work tonight, and get the boys to put their clothes away. The downside - this is circumstantial evidence that Critter and Tigger both need to clean their rooms. I intend to make the weekend a "clean up for Daddy to get home" fest-o-rama.

I'm pleased with the amount of stuff I'm crossing off the white board. :)

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