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A few Days in the Life

Stay at Home Mom. HAH!

Wednesday I got 6 loads of laundry through the machines, folded old laundry, and sorted about half the new. I got the checkbook balanced, all the receipts I could find entered, and bills posted. Flar made the equity line payment (on time, woot!), so that I could stay in PJs as long as possible (my preference for laundry days).

Then I left for car-line, and errands:
  • Dropped off Slackerboy (one of Critter's friends has earned this nickname, trust me)
  • picked up cleaning
  • made the Lowe's payment, so it would be on-time
  • deposited checks for Erosul
  • picked up Mag-Tabs at CVS

I needed to made the Optima payment to have it be on-time, but I couldn't find the right webpage, and I was already quite late for work, so I turned it over to Flar. Turns out it had to be made over the phone, and he took care of it. I have notes on it, so that I can handle it myself in the future. I worked over, to get through the last bit of a queue I was indexing.

Thursday Prez and I lost to Spydielives and LaDonna, and then LaDonna and I ate lunch at the bowling center so that we could play cards with Spydielives. When I got home, I helped Flar with getting ready to leave town and drove him to the airport. That left me just about enough free time for myself to nap in carline. Thoroughly enough to completely miss Tigger walking by the car -- which he didn't notice, since we drove Flar's car to the airport instead of mine. Dropped off Slackerboy again on the way home -- which makes three days this week. When we got home, Bébé was already waiting in the driveway for Tigger. Tigger went in to get his things, and then left with Bébé to spend the night. When I left for work, Critter was fixing himself dinner.

At work, I fielded calls on a cell phone battery that was insisting that it was low on power. Bébé called because Tigger's throat was sore. A dose of tylenol seemed to help, and I asked Bébé to keep Tigger at home the next day if he woke up sore. Then Critter called to let me know when the deadlines were, for the state tournament coming up. I get to work on that starting on Monday.

Friday is supposed to be a day at home. This Friday was supposed to be a short day at home, with early car-line for a half-day at TLS, and then I was going to get the boys to help me go into high gear, cleaning and vacuuming before Wolf and Sydb got here for an overnight visit.

That's the way it was supposed to work.

Instead, Bébé called to let me know that Tigger's throat was still sore, so I spent the day driving in circles.

In initial contact order, I drove to:
  1. TLS, twice, the second time to discover, upon picking up Critter, that he had a soupy cough, and to drop off a tuition payment.
  2. Bébé's, once, but I stayed there for an hour waiting until it was late enough to drive over the doctor's office
  3. the doctor's office, thrice:
    1. To get Tigger seen by the DO, who tested him for strep (positive), prescribed Augmentin, and advised there was little risk to houseguests
    2. To retrieve Tigger's left-behind hat, and schedule an appointment for Critter, since we got there while all the doctors were out to lunch
    3. To get Tigger seen by an MD that isn't his regular doctor, who tested him for step (negative), prescribed Amoxicillin because his brother tested positive and Critter's lymph nodes were swollen, and advised me to tell my houseguests to stay home
  4. the pharmacy, thrice:
    1. to drop off Tigger's prescription
    2. to pick up Tigger's prescription - Augmentin has no generic alternative, and we don't have Brand Name coverage. The upside is that we could actually cover the check.
    3. to wait for Critter's prescription to be filled
  5. the bank, twice:
    1. to deposit an equity check to cover the tuition check
    2. to deposit a check for Flar
  6. home, thrice:
    1. to check on the amount of the tuition check
    2. to settle Tigger in bed with medicine, noodles, drinks, a TV and playstation
    3. to stay
  7. Source, to pick up the check for Flar

For the curious, the actual order of the route was:
1.1, 2, 3.1, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 1.2, 7, 3.2, 4.2, 6.2, 5.2, 3.3, 4.3, 6.3

By the time we got home, I was tired, had gotten absolutely nothing done at home, and was angry, sad, disappointed and bitter about my overnight visit getting trashed by illness. I threw a couple of temper tantrums (screaming, crying fits) on my bed, then went about fixing dinner for Critter and I -- Tigger's appetite plummetted as the Strep gained ground until he got enough meds in him. I finally settled down with the disk of Angel that I was going to share with Wolf and Sydb, and then later, Sydb text messaged me to let me know that they were getting online. So at least we got to share some time together last night. I got to chat with Sydb, and play Backgammon with Wolf. And you know, it helped.

Which meant I could sleep without feeling the unfairness of the universe weighing down on me.

Until the mouse woke me up. Feh. I know which cleaning project gets top priority, now.

Today Tigger and Critter both took stabs at waking me up, but my sleep was fairly interrupted after 3am this morning, so I preferred sleeping in. Wolf called me and that phone call was long enough to wake me all the way up, but I was still inclined to stay in bed, and ended up reading to the end of my current book. Tigger is remarkably recovered, especially considering that he was getting worse instead of better last night. Today he has no sniffles whatever, and no pain in his throat. And he's full of energy. I think that may be from the decongestant - which I gave him this morning, but not tonight.

Critter was feeling ickier today, but I expect he'll also be feeling fine by tomorrow. I'm still showing no symptoms of anything.

We played Air Baron this afternoon. I won the game that we restarted from a recorded game, and then we started another, but ended up recording that for later, when the boys got hungry for dinner.

I haven't done a lick of work today, but it looks like I've nothing social for tomorrow (unless Spydie takes me up on my casual "I have nothing planned on Sunday, if you get a wild hair and wanna come over"), so I'll probably at least finish up the kitchen table, coupons, and laundry tomorrow. I'd like to start out the week closer to caught up, and find time to get after the bedroom deep cleaning.

The exciting news gets its own post.

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