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Still catching up

I've caught up on dishes and mail and sleep and the papers. Working on updating quicken tonight, around fixing dinner. But first, a quick update and random thoughts.

Work was long last night (I could finish a queue by staying an extra 15 minutes, so I did). Which, combined with being out of yummy caffeine, means sleepy 'kin today.

Bowling was decent today. I bowled over average for the day, and we split with the other team. It was a light day for groceries, so I took some time out to watch Angel with Knight, after bowling. (Now I have temporary custody of the DVD with "Smiletime" burned on it. :) :)

From the papers: (Saturday's)

There was a picture accompanying an article about vandalism that seems incongruous. The target was the Temple Israel in Paducah, KY. The article mentioned various tags including "Jews must die," swastikas, profane messages and gang symbols. The picture? It had words like "spaz" "oscar" and "shroo" in the graffiti on the wall in the background, with the president of the congregation in the foreground. He was cataloging the graffiti, according to the caption.

Okay, I know the building is larger than that, and obviously the graffiti mentioned in the article was elsewhere on the building. It just made me wonder if there was a particular motive behind not showing the graffiti with the hate messages. I wonder if the paper thinks showing pictures of swastikas is inflammatory; if pictures of "Jews must die" written on a wall are more inflammatory than the words reported in the text of the article. At a glance, the picture just showed "ordinary" destructiveness; it didn't depict the hate and bigotry characterized in the article. Just made me wonder.

So, did I miss the memo about this new word? In an article about a Christian radio station buying out a local public station, a representative of the new owners was quoted: "We thought it was a good idea to permanize our situation."


Ooh, ooh, and remember the inmate I wrote about a few months ago? The man who'd spent eight months in the women's section of the Meade County jail? Who was determined to be a man, 12 days after being transferred to the KY Correctional Institution for Women? The state Dept of Corrections "has determined that the KY Institution for Women is the most appropriate institution for him, and that he "is, and was, a female prisoner." His old roomie at the County jail is suing the county for being placed in the same cell with a male prisoner for a week.

"State officials have declined to say whether [the prisoner] had undergone a sex-change operation or had hormone treatment."

I need some new vocabulary.

One. A word or phrase like deja vu, for when you realize that you have probably read a book, becuase the plot, including resolution seems amazingly familiar, but you absolutely can't remember actually reading the book.

Two. If courage is undertaking action in spite of fear, what is the word for undertaking action in spite of laziness? Or, is "lazy" more akin to "cowardly" (in the sense of being the opposite of courageous), and if so, then what would be the descriptive word for that state which we either overcome (and are thereby the first word I'm searching for), or succumb to, and are thereby lazy?

Okay done procrastinating. To cook!


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