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My weekend, and plans for today


Tigger had a decent day bowling: 83, 92 & 99 on an 87 average. After bowling, I finally remembered to pick up the dog food.

Saturday afternoon I caught up on the dishes. I hadn't done any hand-wash since I left for California, but it only took about an hour. The rest of the time was spent cleaning the counters (including the cooktop), and making yummy potato-corn chowder with ham.

I got a package from Cinder! Either Friday or Saturday, but I opened it Saturday. Left behinds: my black bouquet, my camera, fuzzy socks, and a purse that I'd lent her. She also put a very nice Thank You note in it. Thank you dear. :)

Saturday evening I took the boys over to Ro and Knight's to watch Secondhand Lions. We had meatloaf and soup and Sun Chips and Zebra Cakes. The boys both really enjoyed the movie, and I enjoyed being able to watch it again. We watched the deleted scenes, and the alternate ending was a hoot. After the movie, Critter went upstairs to read, Tigger went into the computer room to play with Kittybane, and I watched two episode of Angel with Ro and Knight. I've only four more to catch up on.


I really meant to catch up more yesterday. I *did* catch up on sleep, though. I slept in until 10:30 or so, then read in bed until Turnip called. He wanted to tell me about breaking up with Kasmom, and sounded pretty positive about it. Critter broke me breakfast in bed -- bagel with cream cheese and strawberries -- and I Flar fixed BLTs for lunch while I was finally getting up and dressing.

Critter had arranged to get together with a friend in the afternoon, so I drove him over. When I got home, instead of being all ambitious and digging into the next category to catch up (mail), I was magnetically attracted to the bed. Totally conked out for a good hour, until I was awakened by Critter's friend's mom, making arrangements for Critter's return.

Once I got up, it was time for dinner prep. Flar's choice for dinner turned out to have "chill 2 hours or overnight" in the directions, so that's tonight's dinner. After he was done with that, I made Greek style sandwiches, which are sauted pork, cucumbers, tomatoes and a yogurt-dill sauce in pita bread. Quite yummy.

After dinner, with every intention of clearing off the kitchen table, opening mail and updating quicken, I turned on the computer to chat while I was working, and ended up whiling away the rest of the evening reading/writing email, and chatting with Wolf and Sydb. With a cameo appearance by Belmikey.

In summary, I used the weekend to catch up on dishes, sleep and contact with my LD spice and SOs. No time for special project cleaning, however.

Today is the day that I ordinarily chat with Sydb after lunch. (We've been doing this at least three weeks, so it's all ordinarily now. *rolls eyes*)

Which means I'll be online after lunch, so I'm going to try to do lots of running all over the house before lunch. I have lots of clean laundry to sort and fold and put away. Some of the mess on the kitchen table belongs in other rooms. There's a whole day worth of dishes to hand-wash, including a few leftover containers ejected from the fridge yesterday. And I think I still have a bit of unpacking leftover from the CA trip. Actually, if I address all of this after a healthy breakfast, I'll feel all productive.

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