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The continuing adventures...

  • I cashed most of my paycheck this week -- last pay period I was in CA two of the six days, and a few of the days I did work were short.
  • We only took one point in bowling, but I had two good-ish games. I bowled 137, 153 & 130 on a 143 average.
  • Then LaDonna and I went shopping. We were looking for a way to gather up her stuffed animals, and found both chains and nets at Toys R Us, but nothing that appealed at Bed Bath and Beyond.
  • We picked up lunch andbrought it over to Ro's house.
  • While we ate, we watched an episode of Angel that was Just Wrong in so many ways. :)
  • Then we played a couple of rounds of My Word before it was time to leave so I could take LaDonna home and pick up the boys.
  • Thursday night at dinner break, I finished the calling for chess club. Calling the entire club takes three - four hours, whereas calling the just tournament kids only takes two.
  • I was really really sleepy in the morning -- 4 hours of sleep is apparently not enough -- so after the boys were on the way to school, I took a nap.
  • I woke up with enough time to shower and chat with Sydb before I needed to leave to meet Berry for lunch.
  • While I was chatting with Sydb, I printed a map of Lexington and marked onto it the locations of all the kids going to the pizza party.
  • I met Berry at Kinko's, where she was putting together booklets for Sunday School. I helped her staple them while we talked about chess club.
  • We dropped off the booklets at Berry's church, which meets in a strip mall, just like my parents' church. She's invited me to go with her sometime, and I'll probably take her up on it.
  • Berry treated me to lunch at Hunan's, while we alternately talked about club for next year, and carpooling for the pizza party.
  • I feel calmer about chess club now. Berry plans to meet with the new headmaster about it at the beginning of the summer, and she thinks we should be able to organize tournaments the way we always have.
  • After lunch, I barely had time to put together the driving instructions (with passenger lists) and put in my seventh car seat.
  • At school, getting the kids into their various cars and getting directions to drivers was more chaotic than I'd prefer. It didn't help that we had two additional students to fit into the "full" cars. (Solution: put middle schoolers in front seats.)
  • The pizza party was very laid back, and I got chatting time with parents that don't usually come to tournaments. Getting the kids ready to leave involved extremely high energy, but driving home yielded reasonably quiet passengers.
  • One of my passengers was a girl whose family lives in the woods behind the school. Another lived in Versailles. We finally got home at 9:30pm.
  • I spent the rest of the evening chatting with Wolf and Sydb online.

Now it's time to take Tigger to the bowling alley

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