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Taking a breath

Still alive, still catching up from being out of town. Wedding was great.

Travel day was deceptive -- thought it was a piece of cake, until I fell all to pieces at the end.

Game night was nice -- S was generous and shared her Mu Shu.

Monday I finished a book, drove to Nicholasville, nursed a sick headache, picked up the kids, washed a load of whites and worked.

Tuesday was errandus interruptus very bad mood day with stressy bits thrown in for artistic merit.
  1. Showered (which is when I saw the missed call from Wolf that happened before my phone switched from "silent" to "normal")
  2. Got annoyed with Flar for being (what I identified in my current bad mood as) idiotic
  3. Drove Critter to East Jessamine High for an open house for incoming middle schoolers.
  4. Voted
  5. Got ignored by the teller at the bank, but waited in apparent patience to make a deposit.
  6. Ate breakfast and read papers.
  7. Decided there wasn't enough time to run any Tuesday errands yet, and downloaded email for the first time since Saturday night.
  8. Got to talk to Wolf for a short lunch phone call, just long enough to feel like there wasn't enough time to rant about my horrible mood, and thus contribute to my horrible mood by feeling deprived.
  9. Picked up Critter at EJHS. Got annoyed about him not meeting me where we'd agreed, and me having to track him down.
  10. Took Critter to TLS and arrived with not enough time to spare on errands before my meeting about chess club.
  11. Finished off the papers, thus achieving one item in my "caught up list."
  12. Endured an incredibly unpleasant meeting about Chess Club, made especially so by my inability to communicate with the school admin about why the decisions they were presenting were asinine and destructive to the chess program at the school.
  13. Didn't cry until I left the building.
  14. Whined at a sympathetic chess mom on the way out of the parking lot.
  15. Whined over the phone to Berry, who was very soothing and sympathetic, which made me cry. The angry kind of tears, but let lose in a sympathetic direction, that kind.
  16. Picked up the boys in carline.
  17. Got my allergy shot.
  18. Picked up foodstuffs at Sam's.
  19. Picked up and dropped off cleaning.
  20. Did the grocery shopping.
  21. Got to talk to Wolf for a bit when I got home.
  22. Started the calling for the Chess Club Pizza Party this Friday.
  23. Ate a yummy cheeseburger that Critter fixed for me.
  24. Fixed myself a wine cooler of Cannibal Chianti and Diet Sprite, and a bowl of raisinettes, and drew my bath.
  25. Blubbered at great length to long-suffering Wolf, who there-there'd me and verified he cared and mostly just listened and listened and listened.
  26. Blubbered at shorter length to Flar, who joins me in my current distain for the administration of TLS.
  27. Fell into bed with yet another sick headache (of the kind I bring on myself with all the stupid crying.

Today I got over half the laundry washed, none of it sorted or folded, but all of the handing stuff hung. I need to change the sheets and wash them, and wash sweaters, in order to be done.

I got the Rookettes records updated and new forms printed out, as well as determining that another bowler has earned yet another award. I talked to Berry again, and made plans for lunch on Friday. She seems optimistic about just doing things the way we want to, since the gist of the admin decision is to make tournaments parent-organized. We'll just keep organizing them the way we do now, and continue to point out that we're parents, so it's parent-organized.

I practically hog-tied Flar to get him to talk to me while I fixed lunch, and he told me about the money situation, which is finally starting to look better.

I made a mortgage payment, picked up the boys, got my oil changed, mailed a bill, deposited Rookettes money, copied award forms, came home, moved laundry, packed up a dinner and my laptop and went to work. On dinner break I did more chess calling. I currently have 4 more kids (counting maybes) than I have spots in cars, but that doesn't count 4 maybe spots. I've still got a few numbers left to call tomorrow.

So, caught up on email and LJ and the paper. I can kind of count the kitchen table, but I keep putting stuff back on it, so that's really in flux.

And, rather tired, having expended quite a lot of emotional energy yesterday. Today was almost a hang-over of blahness. Not really unhappy, so acceptable.

I've been instructed to start recording my general mood of the day, and I have some other ideas of metrics that I'm tracking.

Yesterday was certainly a challenge in the New Years Goal of Learning to Live with My Great Capacity for Emotion.

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