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A day in Santa Cruz

I don't know how well I'm fulfilling the job of matron of dishonor...

This morning, Cinder's Mom and I woke up early, as expected, by CA standards. We breakfasted on orange rolls and tea/soda, showered, and were dressed by the time Cinder called to check on us. Cinder and Surlyone took us to a yummy place for brunch, where I had a healthy portion of Eggs Benedict, served with new potatoes, a chocolate croissant, and a small triangle of watermelon. At brunch, I also learned that Californians think of Chai as yet another variety of coffee, unless you specifically ask for "Chai Tea." Luckily, this was clarified without coffee arriving in front of me...

We then went over to the DFW to check out the accommodations for tomorrow, and left Surlyone there to consult with the friend in charge of setting up tomorrow. Meanwhile, Cinder took her mom and me shopping. We wandered through a bookstore and a number of shops purveying bright shiny objects and colorful soft goods. I bought something for Wolf and new rainbow socks for me. Cinder bought me two books and a couple of nifty raccoon beads for the glasses holder I'm planning to make for my reading glasses.

After we'd exhausted ourselves shopping, Cinder drove us back to the Guest by way of the Circus. We got to play with Winston and Loki and tour parts of the Circus. Cinder gave me a nifty hematite bracelet, and opened my Valentine. Back at the Guest House, Cinder's mom and I had a nice lunch of grilled ham and cheese with potato chips. We chatted until Surlyone arrived with the Best Man. They were fleeing Cinder, who was stressing about the wedding.

The rehearsal was a kick. I'm looking forward to the wedding. :)

On the way to the rehearsal dinner, we stopped at a bar and I had a glass of hard apple cider. Then at dinner I drank almost a whole serving of red wine, and a few sips of a marguerita made with freshly squeezed lime juice. Eventually, I even got to eat food: roasted garlic, an onion tart, "Greenpeace approved young calf" and ginger souffle for dessert.

After dinner was over, I declined to join the bar-hopping portion of the party, and gratefully accepted Monochrome's ride back to the Guest House. I've read email, I've read LJ, and now I'm ready to see what sleep I can find before tomorrow starts up again. Tonight I remember to close the blinds so the sun doesn't wake me in the morning.

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