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Living it up in CA

Online in style, with the help of a networking professional. Surlyone hooked up a wireless hub to the DSL that's provided here, so I can use my laptop in bed.

I had my pick of four.

Cinder and Surlyone have put her mom and I up in style. We're staying in a three bedroom house, with living room, kitchen, dining room, back porch complete with swing, two bathrooms, and quite probably more that I just haven't explored yet. There is no phone service, but there is an ethernet connection, to which Surlyone added the wireless capability. Sweet.

We shall not starve. We are stocked with all manner of sweets, as well as soda, tea, breakfast foods and sandwich fixings. Not to mention the leftover dessert from lunch that I couldn't finish. ;)

Cinder's Mom and I have had a very leisurely day. We didn't have to leave the room until noon, so there was plenty of time to shower, dress and pack. I blew my hair dry, and have decided it's probably worth the effort at least while I've the extra time. It's much curlier this way. I also had time get back online this morning before packing up.

We had lunch at the Friday's at the airport, after we checked our luggage, but before we went through security. It's ever so much nicer to eat in restaurants that are still allowed to give you knives. ;) Cinder's Mom treated for lunch, including two desserts. She chose the brownie dessert; I chose the cheesecake. I ended up finishing her brownie while we were on the plane, and I haven't been hungry enough to tackle the cheescake.

The plane backed away from the gate at exactly the scheduled departure time, and we arrived at SFO about 15 minutes early. Cinder tackled me from behind in baggage claim, when she and Surlyone found us. They took us out for dinner at a steak resturant before driving south, and we stopped once on the way down to pick up soda and contact lens solution. (And got lots of other sweets at that stop.)

Once we got to the house, we had to explore it together. Cinder and Surlyone had already come over and aired it out. It had gotten a little chilly, so we went around and closed all the windows and turned on the heat. Surlyone went off for the wireless hub; Cinder's Mom and I chose bedrooms, then got out our dresses for Cinder to approve; Cinder's Mom determined that the big screen TV wasn't working correctly so Surlyone got someone over to get it straightened out before we went to bed. I look forward to being able to sleep until noon in the morning, with no need to wake earlier. Noon EST, that is. Nine am will still be bright and early for tomorrow.

That's CA for you. High-speed internet access, but no phone service. ;)

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