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On Vacation

But, still online. There is a geek imperative to be online at each hotel in which I'm staying -- it justifies hauling the computer around. ;)

Today was fun. I slept until I woke up. Cool. All I had left to do this morning was update quicken, print checks and pack up my electronics.

I had read email, LJ, printed checks, ran a register report, and left a neat pile of bills-to-mail, loan payment, checks to deposit and equity checkbook for Flar. He got back from his morning meeting before I left, so I got to give him a hug goodbye on my way out.

First stop: Louisville

We got some time to lie about and play with Roo when I got there, then we were off for the annual valentine delivery run. We got to see Holmes at UL, who told us that Duhbeach wasn't at work today, so we left her valentines with the others for Thomp. We also drove by mj_artiz's house with a couple of valentines. In order to have snuggle time left in the evening, we ended up dropping the parents from the delivery routed. I left Sydb with valentines to deliver for me. On the way home from delivering valentines, Wolf directed me past the building where he's starting work on Monday. We had about an hour to snuggle, while Sydb was very very sweet, and stayed up with Roo so she could run around. Too soon, and yet after more time than I'd expected, it was time to be getting up and going on. They went on to Chalice night, I went on the road to drive to Indianapolis.

Finding the Days Inn by the airport was interesting. It was easily visible from the freeway, but in reality at the back of a sort of maze of industrial roads. At least, they seemed maze-like at night. Cinder's mom had already checked in, and called to let me know our room number, so I could go straight to the room.

Then I got into jammies, unpacked chocolates, and found out what I forgot to pack.

I've managed to not pack either the contact lens solution that I usually keep in the bathroom OR the solution that I usually carry in my work backpack. Grr. At least I had my purse lens case filled with solution, and I wasn't planning on wearing my lenses tomorrow on the place.

I've read my email and LJ, and Cinder's Mom is sleeping, so I'll be reading/sleeping myself soon.

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