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Social Sunday

This morning Critter came in around 8:30am and woke Flar and I to tell us that he'd broken his laptop. He un-installed some software that he thought was causing other software to crash. Its absence is causing said software not to function at all. Sigh. My dad bought said laptop used, didn't get install disks with it, so re-installing will be a bitch. My brother will consult, and perhaps even save the day.

We informed Critter that this was a not a category of need that justified waking us on a Sunday morning, and tried to get back to sleep. I started reading when I couldn't get back to sleep, but got out of bed before noon, when Flar asked about breakfast. Today I fixed the brunch recipe we hadn't tried yet, from the diet. It's called Fluffy Omelet Squares, and is a plain egg soufflé topped with a tomato-vegetable sauce. I put cheese on Critter's and mine, and we've decided this make a great lo-cal pizza replacement.

After breakfast, the boys convinced Flar to play a game, so we all played Filthy Rich. It was a fun game, with lots of billboards in play. At one point, I was one dollar and my turn away from being able to win. Until Flar was able to pony up for another luxury, thus upping my cost to win. Substantially. Flar eventually won, after all his businesses burned down. The insurance money put him over what he needed to buy his third luxury. I don't know why Flar won't play games with us more often. He almost always wins.

After we played Filthy Rich, Critter helped Tigger clean his room for 30 minutes (to be redeemed later for computer time: Tigger's computer is the one that Critter's newest game works on), and then Critter and I went over to Knight and Ro's. Critter watched TV downstairs, while Ro and I stamped. Oh my did we stamp. Ro was so sweet. She was simply stamping to keep me company while I worked to a list. But I think I'm reasonably pleased with my results. Of course, all of her cards were so much niftier.

Home to catch up on Email and LJ, and then to bed. A nice day with others.

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