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What Saturdays should be.

I made a deal with Flar. He took Tigger to bowling in the morning, and Critter and I were to clean the family room. Good thing, because I woke up with clogged sinuses and a headache. I got to sleep in, and had strange dreams.

Critter woke me later, and offered me breakfast in bed. I asked for one of the recipes from our diet book, and he brought me bran flakes with blueberries. Yum. And a Diet Dr. Pepper. I lay against my pillows like a deadthing, while it hurt too much to open my eyes, waiting for him to find excedrin for me. He couldn't find it, neither could I. But by the time I was done with the breakfast and soda, the combination of being awake, drinking caffeine, blowing my nose and sitting up had down their job, and the headache was gone.

I stayed in bed for a bit, letting the last bits of headache ebb away, alternately reading and talking to Wolf on the phone. He was driving around on errands and killing time while Sydb was doing a Stampin' Up thingie. Demonstrators meeting, I think.

When I thought I heard Flar arriving home with Tigger, it reminded me of our bargain, and I decided I'd lounged long enough. I got dressed in "work" clothes and got up to work on cleaning the family room. We got it to the point of being ready to vacuum, before Flar and Tigger actually got home.

Then I switched gears to getting the dogs ready to go out. A few days ago, they got a bit too friendly with a skunk, and they've already been sorely in need of a bath. So I was planning to get the boys to go with me to Incredipet for an hour in their Dog Wash room. Fortunately, we called ahead, and found out that they were booked until Monday. So we made an appointment for Monday morning, instead.

Then I took Critter to Wal-Mart. He's now in 30-32 jeans. I also bought some new purple ball points, a couple of packs of valentine cards, and new sunglasses. Mine had gone wandering. I splurged, and got polarized. Especially useful against the glare of winter sun. Critter spent his Christmas gift card on a Lego set, a container for loose Lego bricks, and some other stuff I've forgotten. He was sweet and bought me a Hershey's bar, with almonds. Yum!

After I got home, I searched frantically for my new background stamp for making coasters (and never did find my Stayz On pad, but fortunately, Ro had the same color), threw a bunch of other stamps together, and headed over to Ro's to spend the evening stamping. I can't remember when I finally got out of the house, but I think I left there around 9. We had lots of fun stamping, and I'm going back tomorrow for more.

Flar fixed dinner, and he saved out a plate for me. When I got home, all I had to do was pop it in the microwave to reheat. Chicken and Pepper stir-fry, yum! And now we have the leftovers necessary to make chinese burritos. Flar was on the phone with Gaucha when I got home. After he got off the phone, I showed him my nifty coasters, and he liked them. We have put the family ones on the dining room table, and the guest ones are stored in the tile boxes. I ended up making two for each of the boys because of rocking/smudging ickyness, so they each have one for upstairs, as well.

We talked about plans for tomorrow, and determined we have none of note. I'm going to fix Fluffy Omelet Squares from the diet cookbook for breakfast. I also hope to vacuum the family room, fold all my clean clothes and update quicken. Then I'm going back to Ro's for more stamping fun.

I've even had time to be online, so I've caught up with email and LJ and had some nice chat time with Sydb and Ro tonight, so it's been a very nice day.

Happy minikin. Biscuit.

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