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I know. I just got through telling Flar I'm going to stop thinking about school for the next week.

But I'm going to write about being annoyed here, before I completely stop.

Reasons I'm annoyed with the school:
  1. They cancelled 9th grade for next year, effective 1.5 months into this school year. Besides the decision itself, I consider the execution to be done in haste with too little notice. Parents interested in putting their 8th graders into Fayette County magnet schools had 10 days to get their applications in on time.
  2. They've implemented a new dress code, because the one that's been in effect for at least 10 years "is too much trouble to enforce." The code will be effective next school year, and they have published it this year, to give parents warning before making clothing purchases. Too late. We bought Tigger's clothes 5 years ago, when Critter was in that size.

    Changes include: Restricting color of pants to only khaki, navy or black. Restricting all clothing to solid colors. Requiring shirts with collars. Banning sweatshirts, but allowing "fleece." Banning half the school-logo merchandise that has been sold over the last few years, in fact. Tigger doesn't own a single sweater that is solid color, and he lives in sweater/shirt clothing combinations. The school colors are gray and green, but neither is an acceptable color for pants. Unless they accept olive green as a variety of khaki. I have a question submitted. Tigger's current favorite school pants are orange, and his second favorite color of pants is green. The solid color requirement even applies to flannel shirts. Do they sell flannel shirts that aren't plaid?

  3. Critter's English teacher doesn't know how to teach. Her "mechanics" grade, on grammar errors, are based on incorrect English language usage. She fails to properly communicate requirements to her students.

    She did not, in fact say that she was offended that Flar wrote a letter to her. She did use a very insolent tone in her message, refuting his letter generally, without giving any specifics or references. Her tone would be insulting for a teacher to use with a student. When used by a teacher to a parent, unforgiveable.

  4. They're messing with chess club. The division heads tried to stop an already "approved" and partially planned trip for chess club today. The club was invited, along with another club, by a third club, for an informal chess meet and pizza party. The third club will be paying for the pizza.

    I have already begun getting parent volunteers to drive, and then return the kids to their individual homes, etc. Bride told me this would be fine weeks ago. She was going to write a letter about it to send home with the kids today, and when she went to check on extended-day for kids who don't go, she hit a brick wall.

    I was damned if I was going to make the kids miss out on a fun event, just because the faculty admins have their heads up their collective asses. We ended up having me write a note to send home with the kids, that made it fairly clear that this would be parent organized.

  5. This following letter just ticked me off:
    From: "Name I've never heard before" <>
    To: me
    Cc: [a board member]<>,
    	"Name of Lower School Head" <>,
    	"Name of Middle School Head" <>,
    	"Name of Interim School Headmaster" <>
    Subject: The Lexington School
    We'd like to meet with you about some chess club matters on Tuesday,
    February 17th at 1:30 p.m.  Please confirm to me.
    Names of Headmistress, Division Heads and Board Member

    First, I HATE being called by a name I have not given people. My name is one that is commonly shortened or changed, but the Lexington school has a very specific procedure with names. The forms we turn in to the school have places for "full name" and "preferred name". Neither of these is what this woman chose to use in her letter to me.

    Second, which name, pray tell, would be the referent for "me" in the request for confirmation?

    Third, WTF? "some chess matters" I'm told by Bride that she will also be at this meeting, and they want to discuss how chess club is run, and specifically that they are not comfortable with the chess meet/chess party event being handled like a field trip from school, etc. I got this letter this morning, before chess club, and had no clue what the meeting would be about. Let's see, letter from the Head Mistress, two division heads and a board member. This is the school equivalent of a manager picking up the phone at 9am and asking an employee to "see me at the end of the day, please."

    I sent two responses, one, copied to everyone in the original letter, confirming that I could be at the meeting, and a second letter just to the woman I assume is the secretary for the Head Mistress, asking her to please address me by the names that I prefer, and spelling them out. Flar checked the latter letter for reasonableness.

  6. I'm generally down on the whole faculty. The reason I'm going through all these headaches with chess is that I'm working with a new-hire teacher who doesn't already know procedures. Coach would have known what to do about the Friday afternoon party, and taken care of it without bothering me. But Bride double-checks everything, and doesn't have any standing to push back when they're being unreasonable. The reason I have to work with a new-hire? When Coach got burned out on working with chess club, they couldn't find a single member of the existing faculty who was willing to give up Friday afternoons and one to two Saturdays a month for an extra-curricular activity. So I'm generally down on the whole faculty.

    Did I mention that the faculty was behind the push for the new dress code?

    Did I mention that the faculty was behind the push for getting rid of 9th grade?

    Did I mention that this year's tuition increase covers an 8% raise for faculty salaries?


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