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Critter has been struggling in English this year. His teacher is not following her own procedures. We will not even get into the issue of whether she is teaching proper grammar, since I'm willing to accept that grammar has evolved since I learned it, possibly even since The Columbia Guide to Standard American English was published in 1993.

In the punctuation of the following sentence:

My dog, Bob, is a golden retriever.

In contention are one or both of the commas, which are surrounding the appositive, Bob.

This is Columbia's word on punctuating that sentence.

His teacher claims that the commas are not correct.

I'm rather happy that I'm not going to be at the conference Flar has scheduled with her on the 19th, since I'm uncomfortable when Flar is ripping someone a new one. But she deserves it.

If only for the following reason. Which is why I am livid, angry and furious. In response to a letter that Flar sent, with concerns about the content and method that she is using to "teach" Critter, she answered that she was offended that he wrote to her about this.

Perhaps she could take appropriate offense that he is correcting her. But she said she was offended that he wrote AT ALL.

We are given the home phone numbers for the entire faculty at TLS. We are given email addresses for all faculty who maintain one. We have been encouraged for the last 10 years now to contact our childrens' teachers with ANY concerns that we have.

And she has the unmitigated GALL to be offended that Flar has contacted her about this?

I didn't hear her voice message. Perhaps I misunderstood Flar when he was telling me about this. He's not upset about her taking offense. I am. I asked him to listen carefully to her message, and that if she is truly implying that it was inappropriate for him to contact her, I want him to complain to the Head of Middle School, as well as the Headmaster. This is not something to ignore.

BTW, I talked with other parents whose children are in her class. The conversations I've had have clearly indicated problems with her teaching method, not just the "difficulty of the material."

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