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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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Not nearly so productive a morning.
Didn't get the kitchen cleaned. Didn't get the bills organized and clutter figured out. Didn't finish folding the laundry.

But I fixed the subscription code for the RSVP form for the current PWP Invitation, and sent out scads of announcements to various and sundry lists, and even a couple of LJ communities. And found someone I know in the Poly community. Whee!

So I'm working on dinner now, and cleaning up the kitchen, and maybe tonight I'll have enough energy to tackle the clutter. It helps that I filled my prescription for Nasacort AQ yesterday, so I'm not using Benedryl during the day. That had me wiped out. And my sinuses are settling back down. Knock on wood, no migraine today.

roina_arwen worries that her life is uninteresting, the same old same old. Sometimes it's enough to just write a couple of lines about whether work sucked or not; or maybe just what you're thinking?

As to thinking... while I was walking Flood today, I could see the beauty of the spring growth of grass in the bright sunshine, with the puppy frolicking in it. But I still wanted to go inside where it's not as bright. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to actually enjoy running around outside again. Then I go in and sit and write or stand and work or just veg.

Ate the last of the Easter eggs today. Egg salad sandwiches, yumm.