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cold and wet

Either I'm that ditzy (and I shall blame the headache) that I didn't turn on the dryer, or the dryer is not functioning correctly. Sigh. Not a stellar day for laundry.

If the dryer is broken, it means calling the dryer repairman; taking the currently wet laundry to a laundromat, since likelihood is nil that the repairman would come out today; and putting off the rest of the laundry until the weekend. By then, either the dryer will be fixed, or i'll have time to take the rest of the loads to a laundromat

Was supposed to fix lunch this morning, to have marinated veggie sandwiches. Chopped veggies at lunch for a yummy treat tomorrow. Had another chicken sandwich for lunch today.

My official weigh-in this morning shows me at 3 pounds down since we started the diet. 212, if you're nosy. As I was down to 210 on Monday, I am now resolved to weigh ONLY on Wednesday mornings. I don't need that kind of false excitement. I understand about day to day weight fluctuation.

I'm currently dressed in pjs. Not at all appropriate for filling the car on the way to picking up the boys. Was going to dress using clothes that are still in the dryer. Ah well.

Working on bowling now, then quicken, then chess. Talked to Flar about his obligations for the tournament (not in charge, please help out wherever needed) over lunch.

Flar's finished with the paper, so I can take it to work tonight without being selfish. Haven't done dishes yet. I don't think anyone brought in yesterday's mail, so I'm lumping that into tomorrow's mail.

Excedrin is beginning to beat back the headache. Been on low caffeine lately, and it's interesting how taking excedrin almost gives me a buzz. Weird.

Feeling weird today. Off step. From napping. Not getting enough down with my time at home, but feeling like there's not that much pressing.

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