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There was a chess tournament on Saturday. Probably the best one ever. It ran like clock-work, with no delays for pairings, and minimal delays due to weather and road closings. There were 18 skittles rooms, which successfully buffered me from the full impact of 316 children (according to the final cross tables). There was even a coaches hospitality room, organized by a parent involved in speech, which means there was food, food, food.

At the end of the day, our kindergartner placed 5th in his first tournament, our primary students placed 15th and 16th (earning one place trophy, one participation trophy) and one of our elementary students also placed. While we were cleaning up our skittles room, sorting out boards and coats, etc., Tigger invited the other primary player to come home with us. J's parents accepted, and we went off to Steak and Shake to meet up with Wolf and Sydb.

Unfortunately, Wolf was in no mood to be around boisterous children, and I didn't handle it well, so that put a damper on my mood for the drive home. The boys were very sweet to me, being quiet and listening to TV Theme songs rather than talking or tussling. By the time we were nearing home, I was ready to talk about the rest of the evening with them. They were mostly interested in playing computer games, so when we got home, I curled up on the couch with the dogs and the newspapers (that I hadn't touched at the chess tournament).

Critter was in the mood for company though, so we played a game of Knightmare Chess. A pretty wild ride, with lots of captures and careless plays and not quite enough "save the day" cards. That game attracted the younger boys as audience, and after the game was over, I was able to talk them into playing Constructionary. Essentially Pictionary with legos, but more emphasis on charades-style improv. It was fun to see the boys act out words with the lego pieces.

When I sent them all upstairs to their rooms (the equivalent of bedtime, for sleepovers), I was so sleepy that I nodded off on the couch a bit before heading to bed.

Sunday morning, Tigger came in quietly, and reported that he had eaten breakfast, and gotten breakfast for J, and when did I want to wake up? I got up about an hour later, and made chess bag for Tigger. He won a tournament quality set at the Queen City Challenge a couple of years ago, and he'd still been carrying it around in the ziplock bag it came in.

Sunday afternoon, Tigger and Critter came with me to take J home. Then we went to Home Depot to buy Flar's birthday present. Mom was going to go in on it, but when she heard the great sales price we found, she said she'd pay for all of it. Woot! Then she asked if Flar could open it that day instead of waiting. On our way home, we stopped at Radio Shack for a replacement antenna for my boom box, and button batteries for various toys, and at Wal-Mart for socks. When we got home, Flar said he would open his present, but he wanted to wait for Knight and Ro to come over.

I was in charge of dinner, since Flar has been cooking so much lately. He helped with dinner, anyway. We had baked chicken (both breaded and not), mexican style creamed corn, canteloupe and tossed salad. For dessert, Tigger baked some of the extruded Valentine cookies. Before dinner, Flar and Knight called Brazil and talked to Gaucha awhile. After dinner, Ro and Tigger and I played Nano-fictionary (I can't remember if I tied Ro, or got one point up on her, but we were still getting used to the rules, which means she declared she was done before playing more characters, and if I won it was by dent of how many characters I had), and then Knight, Ro and I played "My Word." Ro and I were neck and neck in the three person game, so she challenged me to one and one. Wherein my experience dealing My Word all week served me well -- she was too distracted when dealing, to spot words.

I learned two new words last night: Quean and Lustrum.

Flar will be 9 lustrums old on the 12th of this month.

I also found out that I don't pronouce "thus" correctly. Educational game...

Knight was feeling awful last night, and had to cancel on our date for today. I hope he's feeling better soon.

Meantime, I'm catching up. Finished up all the newspapers, now I'm moving to the dishes; then it will be time for lunch.

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