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Finally Starting to Catch Up

It took getting snowed in to find the time.

  • Mail
    I've opened everything except maybe what came today. I haven't written that thank you note yet, as I've run out of postage. (Flar's going to get more tomorrow.)
  • Dishes
    Critter shoveled the walks, so I talked him into washing the dishes for me, to earn the rest of a $5.
  • Paper
    It's sitting in a little pile of reward on the table, for when I finish up the other stacks I made.
  • Laundry
    It's off the jacuzzi. I cleared that off so the boys could play in the cold snow. Then they stayed inside. Go figure.
  • Coupons
    Waiting in one of the stack I made on the table.
  • Tables
    The dining room table is still set for a fancy Christmas dinner, but clean.
    The kitchen table is now back to being all clean. I'm down to two stacks of things to do, and one reward: books to review for 50BookChallenge, Coupons/Chess/Rookettes, and yesterday's and today's papers.
  • Quicken
    I just finished updating the accounts, printing checks, and printing the checkbook register for Flar to review. I printed 12 checks, and then wrote one more personal check, to pay bills. Including the property taxes and one of the mortgage payments. Woot!
    Flar is going to take the property tax check to the sheriff's office tomorrow, take the mortgage payment to bank, and go by the post office to mail the rest and buy new postage. I gave him motivation for that last -- we're two stamps shy of mailing the bills. :)

And now... Steak for dinner!

And perhaps a shower and change of pajamas (I've been in my blanket sleeper all day) before we run water all night to protect the pipes.

Tomorrow, a chess tournament, on 30 minute delay, followed up by dinner with Wolf and Sydb, at Steak and Shake.

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