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Snow Day!

I can't find an accurate report of how much snowfall we've had. The NOAA site has a nifty snow depth map, but it currently shows data as of yesterday. Ie, before the snow started. The latest prediction was for 1-3 inches, and our back yard appears to fall in that range. ;)

School is cancelled today.

Attendance at the chess club tomorrow is small enough that I can cover the check that I was picking up at school today. Of more concern to me is how I'm going to get boards for 7 players.

I'm sending email to the tournament organizer to see if they have snow plans...

The kids aren't up. Matt isn't up. I could go back to bed, but this is my golden opportunity to do the catching up I haven't had time for all week. I've let the dogs out and in, and they're lounging on the couch. I figure if Critter doesn't wander downstairs by 8, I'll feed the dogs myself.

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