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Home again, home again

This is my first full day back since I left to spend Wolf's birthday weekend with him. darkwolf69 and sydb42 have done a nice job of describing the weekend.

The house was nice and clean when I got there, except for dishes that Wolf left for me. Somehow, my calling "dibs" on dishes when there's other cleaning to be done has translated into my having dibs on dishes when it's the only chore. ;) That's okay - it was my plan to make it part of Wolf's birthday present. And I came home with nice clean fingernails - bonus!

We got to play lots of games, had fun being iced in together, watched lots of very funny King of the Hill as well as Singing in the Rain and Finding Nemo, and one episode of Southpark. Roo was adorably cute all weekend. I loved seeing the look of happy excitement on her face when I got there - it's quite flattering. (I'm not going to investigate whether everyone gets the same welcome. ;) Dinner at Sakura Blue was yummy. Wolf and I traded off cooking the rest of the weekend - with him taking the lion's share of it. Sydb and I got some quiet time together before I left on Monday; if I had Time in a Bottle™, I'd use it for more companionable domestic bliss time.

Or maybe I'd use it for catching up.

By the time I got home yesterday, I was sleepy. I lay down for a 10 minute nap and slept for 40 minutes, then I "flew" through the process of putting the roster for the next chess tournament. Mind you, for me that means updating the database from the calling sheet, then updating attendence since I was in there anyway, reformatting the calling sheet layout to include more tournaments, making three phone calls to parents, and then finally formatting and sending the email. But I got it out yesterday, which was the point. We are taking six kids to the tournament in Louisville on Saturday.

I got to work late, but I think I was pretty productive last night. I indexed, double-keyed and image-processed 5 queues before I shut down at 12:30am.

Today I bowled decently. 159, 114 and 146 on a 140 average. Almost made up for the low game with the other two. We didn't take any points today, though. Our opponents were scoring well over their team average.

About the weather...

Sunday night we had an ice storm that covered Lexington and Louisville. Monday the high temperature in Lexington was officially 55°F, but my car reported 60 while I was driving home. And today, it's snowing, with the high for the day sometime this morning.

Wolf de-glazed my car for me yesterday, when he scraped his. I missed him today, when I left the bowling alley. (Okay, so I missed him when I was driving home - I'm pathetic, I know.)

Busy, busy, busy

After bowling, I picked up water and asparagus at Sam's Club, got my allergy shot, and had Cingular look at my phone. They cleaned the contacts for my SIMM card, and downloaded some software that's supposed to help with the "dropping calls" problem. Which they told me is a system problem, but that the software patches are supposed to help. Go figure.

Now I'm eating lunch at home. Breakfast this morning was sliced strawberries on a half-bagel with light cream cheese. Lunch is chinese burritos and steamed carrots, with the milk I forgot to drink this morning. Flar rearranged Week One of the diet to use up the leftovers from last week.

There's not horribly much more than one dishpan full of dishes waiting for me, and I've already read Saturday and Sunday's papers (at bowling). I'm expecting to be fully caught up by the time I go to work tomorrow, but the rest of today will be spent at Incredipet, Kroger, the cleaners and on dinner and bubblebath.

I *did* open the mail that was sitting at my place on the table when I got home yesterday. envoy included me in his stealthmas targetting systems. I was almost out of soap, so I'm tickled to find a new bar: this time a faux gem (fire opal), rather than a faus rock. He also sent a game: The WORST-CARE SCENARIO™ Card Game Cooking and a CD mix. Whee! I haven't gotten a chance to listen to the CD, yet. Tomorrow's mail will include writing a thank you note. :)

And now on to Incredipet and car-line and Kroger and the cleaners. Huzzah!

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