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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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List for tomorrow
  1. Catch-up

    Including folding laundry, washing dishes and entering two days of quicken, this will probably take me till 11am.

  2. Finish Updating Chess DB and print out paperwork for Club and Tournament
  3. Fix either Enchiladas or Lasagne for make-ahead dinner
  4. I can dream about napping.

    If the opportunity arises, this will get priority over reading LJ

  5. If I've actually got extra time, vacuum the kitchen
  6. If time slows to molasses pace, mop the kitchen
  7. Chess Club
  8. Early bedtime to get to tournament on time

I started the week feeling like I had a handle on things, but felt things slipping around about Wednesday. I'm still working on balance and time management, with staying caught up, and getting projects done.

Today we kicked butt in bowling - no idea where *that* came from. I haven't bowled over average for every game like that for quite some time. Did I remember to save my scores? No, of course not. Silly me.

I had contemplated sitting at Cingular while they looked at my phone, but desire for home won out. I had a healthy lunch, then gave in to a craving for brownies and made an 8x8 pan of them.

So of course, when I was driving to work, my phone started acting up again. Maybe I can make time on Tuesday.

In dieting news, Flar has selected The New Dieter's Cookbook from the choices I presented him. There are already a number of recipes in that cookbook that have joined the family favorites list, so that may be what influenced his decision. I'm to buy the ingredients for the first week, the next time that I go shopping.

Meanwhile, he's trying to stay under 1900 calories a day, so I calculated the calories in Ham and Swiss Casserole (tonight's dinner) for him - it was somewhere around 3500 for the whole dish. :)

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Your scores were 171, 155 and 174 for a 500 series.

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