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A Good Retail Experience

The Manager on Duty at the Mill Pond Pizza Hut tonight deserves this positive comment.

While we enroute home, Critter offered to buy pizza for dinner tonight. We called home to check with Flar, who gave us the number for Mill Pond. Critter called and ordered, and was given a 45 minute estimate for the pizza to be ready to pickup.

I called back, to question why it takes 45 minutes to make pizza for carryout, when Domino's and Papa John's deliver in 45 minutes. The MOD took the call, and was very polite. He explained that they get a large back-log of orders at dinner time, and try to give accurate time estimates, rather than disappoint. He also said he would try to have our pizza ready sooner.

It was ready 15 minutes after we had this conversation.

Critter thanked him for the speed, when he paid. I was waiting in the car, operating the windshield wipers for Tigger to use for snowball target practice.

I stopped long enough to open mail and update Quicken. I haven't finished the paper, since it came so late in the day, but Flar will leave it on the table for me. Before I left for chess club, I only had enough time to vacuum the bedroom and closet, but it looks great. So does the freezer room, where we store the vaccuum -- I cleaned up a sort of mini-mess that had developed there.

Chess Club went great today. So far, about half the kids are choosing Team, and half are staying in Club. Bride and I are going to run Club, and MrCoach and Essgie are going to run Team, the new instructional arm of the Chess Club. There's a mom who comes every week that has volunteered to get the kids started with snack at 3:15, which relieves pressure on me (I have trouble getting to the club ontime. Today I got there at 3:36).

Now I'm off to Louisiville, with folding chairs in hand, so we can't forget them on Sunday. I'm eating egg salad sandwich chips and carsnacks on the way. Raisins are technically a fruit, too. ;)

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