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  • Hot breakfast fixed and eaten - spam sandwich for Tigger, ham omelettes for Critter and me
  • Dishes clean
  • Quicken updated
  • Mail ready to go out, including 7 bills
  • Bills paperwork replaced in "sorting" case, with a bunch of medical bills and EOBs in a big side pocket, ready to sort.
  • Kitchen Table clean
  • Dog bedding in wash - rugs folded
  • Sidewalk to garage shoveled and salted

    Critter used to wear my snow boots; now I can wear his

  • Checked email when I sat down to work on Chess Club

A pretty good start. Don't know if I'll have time for mopping, or how many rooms I'll end up vacuuming, though. Looks like LJ reading will have to wait until tomorrow, during the time I promised Wolf that he can play Warcraft or Starcraft with the boys. Yes, Wolf is closer in age to Critter than me. Sometimes I'm vividly reminded of that. ;)

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