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More work day available

So here I was, packing up and getting ready to zoom over to Knight's and watch Angel. 'cept it's not starting up again until next week, at least according to the dish guide. So here I sit, gearing up to Get More Stuff Done.

I've washed & dried all the clothing-laundry; there's a load of bathroom rugs in the dryer now, and puppy towels in the washer. So I can sort and fold all the clothes and be done with laundry for the week.

I've gotten the bathroom floor vacuumed today, so I can finish up and mop now.

And there's bunches of dishes sitting by the sink waiting to be washed, and candleholders also waiting.

Think I'll get the mopping down while the floor is still relatively freshly vacuumed.

and then think about finishing up the laundry.

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