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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Snow Day
The radio reports 2 inches on the ground in Lexington, and it looks like more than that on our driveway.

Fayette County Schools are closed. TLS is in Fayette County (but not of it, as the bible would say).

Jessamine County School are closed. We live in Jessamine County.

Sayre and Lexington Catholic are on a 1-hour delay.

Lexington Christian Academy is closed.

Those are the "other" private schools in Lexington.

There is no mention of TLS in the school closings lists.

Last year, on a snow day, the school replaced the normal switchboard recording with a message about whether the school would be open, have a delay, or be closed. This year, the message on the switchboard is the normal one for closed-hours operation.

At least Matt drives the boys in the morning.

Sometimes it sucks to have kids in private school.

I'm trying to convince my balance that on balance, it's good that we're still having chess club today.

But my heart isn't in it.

I don't go out and whoop it up in the snow, make snow angels, sled or even stomp around in it. But I still fall down on the side of the kids' simple joy in snow days, and I feel like mine get ripped.

I wanna sit around a fire, playing hooky from the day.

Instead, I'm about to make a hot breakfast for the boys, catch up, and continue today's list.

Whine Update: there isn't even a paper yet. :(

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Beats the 17" flurry, though, eh?

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