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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Today's List
  • Bitch about going to school on a snow day
  • Fix a hot breakfast
  • Catch Up
  • Finish up Chess Club paperwork
  • Make guest room ready for anniversary weekend
  • Run out and get something I tracked down by phone yesterday
  • Re-Wash the dog bedding
    Throw out the blanket if it won't get clean
  • Vacuum the bedroom, bathroom, jacuzzi room and kitchen
  • I think here is where I get to take a break to catch up on email and LJ
    by then, I'll know how much time I can reasonably take reading
  • Mop the jacuzzi room
  • Chess Club
  • Drive to Louisville to get Wolf for anniversary weekend
  • Hang with Sydb until Roo's bedtime - possibly help with pre-Stamp Camp cleaning
  • Drive Wolf to Nicholasville for anniversary weekend
  • Spend 2 Days, 1 Day with Wolf
  • Drive Wolf and Ro to Louisville early for Stamp Camp

Did I mention I get to see Wolf and Sydb and Roo tonight? Did I mention I get Wolf all weekend? Whee!