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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Color me very annoyed
I'm in the midst of my busy double work day/out in the morning/offline stint. But I'm posting this before I nap, as the only outlet for my annoyance.

I took the paper this morning, thinking I would have time to read it at the bowling alley. As is often true, things were a bit too hectic, and I didn't get past page A3. A lady who has visited our bowlers in the past was there this morning. I don't even know her name, but she used to sit and watch one of the teams, and visited with people today.

She also read my paper.

No wait, that isn't the annoying part.

We even had a light discussion of how I didn't mind other people reading my paper, and that I'm used to having to put it all back together after others read it etc.

I didn't mean that she was welcome to help herself to the "deal of the day" coupon on B2, by tearing it out, taking the tail-end of two articles on B1, including a picture -- which I might point out will not be in the online edition of the paper when I go to read the articles she destroyed.

The absolute gall of some people will never cease to amaze me. I wonder if I'll remember to comment about this, the next time I see her at the bowling alley. She hasn't been coming regularly, so it may be quite a while.

At least the Herald Leader doesn't publish coupons on the back-side of the comics, by newspaper dessert.

Update: They do have a picture. It's about house fires, including one in Jessamine county.

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Sheesh - talk about chutzpah! :(

Just out of curiosity, do you read the whole paper cover-to-cover, or just scan for interesting articles?

I read everything but the sports and classified sections. I scan the headlines of each article and usually read the details. Occasionally I've already heard an earful about the subject and pass. I only scan the obits because there are often non-obits on the same page.

As some who LOVES her newspaper I can so totally relate...nerve indeed.

The only thing I can think is she somehow got the impression you were finished with the paper? That is QUITE annoying though. Finished or not, she should have asked to tear out a coupon, and accepted the answer NO. I don't understand what goes through some people's minds when they do stuff like that. Grr.

For what it's worth, with the Deal of the Day coupon, I'd probably be perfectly willing to give it away. I hardly ever use them, even though they're often great deals. I'm just usually not shopping for that particular thing that day.

Today's deal of the day (the paper came before lunch, yay!) is a gold or silver engraved keychain, worth $13.99 at a particular engraver. No strings, add'l one offered to "bring a friend" and of course "while supplies last."

So, good deal, but not something I'm interested in, today.

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