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Busy busy day

  • Woke up Flar

    The traditional funny noises over which a wife wakes a husband imply burglary. In our house, the scary noises are water related. Turns out it was just so quiet that i could hear the water moving in the boiler pipes. Flar even checked down in the cellar for me. Very sweet.

  • Made banana pancakes
  • Made Critter wear an actual COAT to school

    He usually tried to get away with long sleeves. He even tried claiming that the Oilcloth Outback Duster was a Trench Coat, and against school dress code. That may be true at public schools, but TLS actually doesn't have any proscribed outer wear. I called the middle school head to doublecheck, anyway.

  • Caught Up

    Saved the paper for bowling

  • Deposited a check for Flar
  • Bowled

    Didn't bowl my average today, but my team split with the other team. They also sucked. ;)

  • Sam's
  • Allergist
  • Krispy Kreme!

    Today was the opening day. The "hot" donuts were only just warm, though. Next time I ask specifically for HOT. Flar is on a diet, so I rescued him from one of his share. The boys will no doubt step in and do their bit to save Daddy's diet. ;)

  • Lunch at home
  • Cleaners

    Pick-up and drop-off: I'm trying remember this weekly so that Flar never runs out of dress shirts.

  • Kroger

    I recharged the gift card with less than Mom and Dad left on it; go parental Christmas help!

  • Car-line
  • Incredipet
  • Toontown for Tigger
  • Dinner: Steak Diane Flaming Yawn

    This was not the total success of last night's dinner, but I got to light brandy on fire, so it was fun. I think I need more experience making this dish. Perhaps in smaller quantity. Also, the recipe called for Sirloin, and I used Filet Mignon. Yes, it was tender, but I didn't do the meat justice. We did have fun with the name, though. The way we were pronouncing "Filet Mignon" in the car sort of evolved into "Flaming Yawn" or, what a dragon eats to get sleepy. ;)

  • Movie: Under Seige

    I'd forgotten the Saturday morning cartoon theme in this. I love Tommy Lee Jones -- good guy or bad guy. ;)

  • Caught up on email/LJ

    Technically, I'm still behind on reading half my web comics.

Left tonight:
  • Change the sheets on the bed
  • Draw my bath
  • Phone call with Wolf

  • Catchup
  • Laundry Day
  • Clean the Jacuzzi Room
  • Chess Club stuff

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