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A short break from cleaning

I'm taking a break when my attention was scheduled to be divided by a phone that's been rescheduled for Monday... Oh, and to grab a bite to eat.

So far, I've fed Flood breakfast, drained the jacuzzi, read email and live journal, bought two books, made plans for dinner tonight, a phone call on Monday and a lunch on Tuesday, and turned the dogs over to the boys, then started cleaning the bathroom.

This is one of those deep-cleaning things, that justifies ignoring the piled up stuff in the kitchen to increase the time I have in there to work. So far, I've cleaned the toilet and bidet, culled the magazine rack, cleared off the counter in front of the linen closet, cleared clutter off of my sink and cleaned the counter, sink and mirrors, and I've started in on Flar's sink. No clutter there, but ew. Now I know why I keep my toothbrush on a washcloth in the medicine cabinet. There was mold in the bottom of the toothbrush cup.

Once I finish his sink, I'll do the shower, so that I'm left with the floor and then (drumroll) the bathtub. This time I'm really going to clean up my candles. Honest.

At least I can look back at what I've done so far, and be pleased. :) And it helps to have the radio playing, so I don't get *too* bored in there.
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