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A Lazy Sunday and New Year's Eve

Didn't do much today. I slept in until noon, and had strange dreams with a pretty young woman in them, but no details I can remember beyond that.

Once I got up, I read yesterday's and today's paper, washed dishes, and ate leftover pizza for lunch (the boys and Flar ordered pizza last night). After I clipped and sorted out the coupons from today's paper, I went upstairs and played ToonTown while Tigger worked on cleaning his room.

Critter spent part of the day with Bébé, working with him on his AV system.

Flar got hungry before Tigger and I, so he fixed dinner. I caught up with mail and Quicken while he was cooking dinner: I printed out 7 checks to pay bills, and wrote two more thank you notes (I had waited until we decided how to spend our Best Buy cards and Granny money before writing those notes). Flar flipped through the satellite and started watching Dazed and Confused, but it was really a bit too realistic about teenage stoners, and couldn't quite hold our interest. Now we're trying to watch True Lies, but the rain just kicked into high gear and is interfering with the signal quality. :(

Flar's looking at doing trip planning, so he asked me to for dates. I printed out my calendar for January through March. The only problem is that there's a category of item on my handheld that doesn't show up on the desktop: un-timed appointments. We'll see if there are any critical ones that I should have included for his view...

In summary, I've had a relaxing day, stayed caught up with pretty much everything, and find myself with a little time for writing. So I thought I'd write about my New Year's Eve.

I had to work on New Year's Eve, but I had time in the morning to sleep in, hang out with Mom and Dad, do laundry and catch up on email and LJ, and then work. I indexed, double-keyed and image processed one queue, and then indexed some of a very large queue. I quit at 11pm so that I could get home in time to celebrate with family.

They watched Matt's Christmas present from Knight and Ro, the Indiana Jones Trilogy. I got home in time for the last half of the third movie. We stopped the DVD near midnight, so that we could watch the countdown in Time Square on CNN. We also watched Sushi drop in the Red Shoe in Key West. We toasted with non-alcoholic champagne. Which Critter hated, and Tigger declared "a bit sour." Then we finished watching the rest of the movie.

On the way to work, during work, and the way home, I got to talk to lots of important people in my life: I talked to Cinder about plans for her wedding (she's asked me to be her Maid fo Dishonor!), and text messaged with Belmikey. I called Canuckgirl and talked to her until I got to work. Turnip called me at work, returning a call I'd made while his sister was there visiting. Endymion surprised me with a phone call while I was working. On the way home, I talked to Wolf and Sydb, and then called Knight and Ro. When I got home, I dug up the number for Envoy, which I don't have in my phone, but I had to leave a voice message for him.

I thought it was cool that I got to wish a Happy New Year to so many people who are important to me. :)

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