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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Laundry Day
The last load is in the washer, and all the loads before the one in the dryer now are already sorted. Mom just took out most of the towels and restarted it with Flar's robe and a thick towel that were still wet.

I'm caught up, except for coupons, which I'll do at work, and laundry, which I'll fold tomorrow. Nothing new for quicken in today's mail - hurrah! And, I've still got one Thank You note left to write.

I cut out school pictures today, and distributed them: My, Flar's, Critter's and Timothy's wallets, and envelopes for Bébé, Brody and Sil, Mom and Dad (with pictures for Granny and my brother), Gaucha, and Wolf & Sydb, Knight & Ro. I have three left of each shot. Wolf & Sydb, Knight & Ro - I have one apiece of each boy in your envelopes - do either of y'all want two apiece?

The gingerbread house has been relegated to the kitchen counter where cookies and candy live. It's destined for the trash tomorrow night.

I'm working tonight, but I'm coming home before midnight to celebrate the New Year with family. Feel free to send me New Years messages!

Happy New Year everybody!

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Happy New Year, sweetie!

Thanks for the phone call - sorry I was so hectic (and have a damn-near-migraine) I'll try to talk with Mick about wedding stuff, and get back to you ASAP
Have a Happy!


One apiece of each of the boy's pics is fine, thank you! I don't carry pics in my wallet or anything, they'd just stay at the house. :)

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