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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Errand Day
Today was busy. 10920 steps, and that's before I walk around the kitchen preparing dinner.

This morning I ran through the checklist pretty quickly, leaving the paper and coupon sorting for the bowling alley, and quicken for the evening. I also finalized the grocery shopping list.

I was bowling for my team today. Knight is still out because of his back, and Grace is in Mississippi this week, visiting family. I only won one game, but I bowled over my average (141) for the series: 130, 153, 147. I won the second game.

We skipped Sam's this week. The only thing on the list was spaghetti noodles, but I had lots of coupons for that, and Sam's doesn't take coupons, so I added it to the Kroger list. We went by work and picked up a check for Flar, then the allergist, then to Kroger. I swapped cars with Flar so that the boys could unload the groceries while we went back out. Mom treated Flar to a tank of gas, and we got my new license plate. Seven minutes. We had to wait for at least two people in front of us. :)

Back home, I got a snack and sat down to read email/LJ and enter info into Quicken. Critter brought me another recipe from Deus Ex for dinner tonight (we bought steaks from the "buy today" selection of meat); I've cleared the bath tub area early so that Daddy could take a bubble bath (I'm taking one later tonight); and I got to look at Critter's new tracklights. Pictures to follow later. I also went ahead and brought in today's mail.

Now I'm off to update Quicken, then fix dinner: blackened (and plain) ribeyes, mac-n-cheese, baked potatoes and teriyaki veggies.

Tonight we shall eat at our pretty holiday table in the dining room, and break open the Christmas crackers.

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Yay for Christmas crackers!! This is one of the few years we never had any.

Was that the new license plate with the happy sun in the middle?? (if I remember correctly)

Yes, but the second S in SYSDEB obscures one of the eyes in the sun's face. :(

Seven minutes... must be nice to live in a smaller county!

It took me just about an hour to get through the line - I got out at exactly 2pm; I think I got in line at about 12:55. *sigh* But it's done now, and I'm good for a whole year. And, bonus, my new driver's license pic is pretty good. :)

..but I think the longest it's ever taken me to get our registration renewed (even when getting a new plate) is about 15-20 minutes. Usually it's less than 5. :) However, to make up for having the short wait, I usually have to go through it twice because I almost alway leave something in the car that I need. :P

Yeah, but I'll bet that Louisville is smart enough to have more than *one* office where everybody has to go for their renewals. Here we have just the one downtown office, although there is a second office where you can go to renew your driver's license, but not your registration.

Plus it's always worse when you procrastinate like I did and wait until the end of the month! : P

I almost always go the last day of the month. ;) And yeah, Louisville has more than one office. The one I go to is out in the boonies too(though not quite as much the boonies as it used to be with all the new stuff cropping up in the east end). A couple of days after Wolf and I got married, we went to that building to get a new license for me and I was expecting to spend the time waiting in line to decide whether to keep my middle name or my maiden name as my middle name (which was a hard decision as I really liked my last name initial--Z, actually, I liked my maiden name initials period--AMZ) and there was NO LINE. You could have heard a pin drop, it was so dead in there. So, I stammered for a moment and chose to keep my middle name, as that's the name my parents picked for me.

Of course, you only have the title transfer and other birthdays to contend with. In December there's the extra load of personalized plates...

I mean, gosh, I had to wait for TWO other people to be served before I got to the counter yesterday. ;)

Yeah, but your ordeal was newsworthy! There was a picture in the paper, but we didn't see you in it.

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