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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Still caught up
But there's a lot of Christmas craft covering the dining table, and not so much of tomorrow to uncover it.

Today I:
  • Took Mom to Kohl's, where she finished her Christmas shopping list
  • Found a backroute to Crossroads shopping center that avoided Nicholasville Road north of Man-O-War
  • Bought brochure paper for printing pictures
  • Picked up free Popeye's chicken that Mom was owed due to a screw-up last night
  • Printed out pictures for Tigger
  • Worked
  • Finished favors for bowling party
  • Mom wrapped presents for Grace, her son, and the gift exchange tomorrow

I forgot to check with Brody's wife about Christmas menus until she'd gone to bed, so we're going to buy all the snacks Flar suggested, and just bring whichever ones they don't bring.

In the morning, I need to:
  • Finalize shopping lists
  • Wash dishes
  • Open mail
  • Answer Christmas cards and post bills
  • Read the paper

To stay caught up.

Then we've got bowling, Sam's, allergist and Kroger on the list.

After that, I get to work on the dining room table (crafts) until time to leave to get Daddy (7pm).