Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Still quite busy

Today, i made Roo's present, got caught-up, baked the rest of the Christmas cake cookies, made the potluck dish for Tuesday (piglets in throwrugs), started a second ribbon of Christmas cards, and made the wreath part of the favors for bowling on Tuesday.

Tomorrow, i have Christmas shopping with Mom to do, then Christmas Crafts with Tigger. i want to start clearing away what's left on the dining room table and get Tigger to the point that he can work by himself on his projects.

The cookie party was fun, and we even had time to sit around and play a game after all the baking and trimming were done. sydb42 wrote better details about it in her journal. She and Wolf gave the boys gifts that were an instant hit, but I won't divulge what they were -- since Knight's box (which went home to him unopened) was of suspiciously similar size and weight. They gave Flar and I DVDs and candle holders - to each of us the kind of holder we really like. For Flar, a National Lampoon movie that he hasn't seen, and for me, Miami Rhapsody, chosen for Sarah Jessica Parker and Antonio Banderas. The plot sounds faintly familiar, so I'm looking forward to seeing if I've seen it before. ;)

Thanks to everyone who made it by...

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