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Too busy to read LJ. Behind about a day on my caught-up list, but making progress on Christmas deadlines, and hoping to have some breathing time on Sunday to go back and read everyone's journals individually, since i'm sure by now my friends list is dropping off entries..

My cookie party is today. Wolf and Sydb are coming, as well as various folks from closer to home. I've some presents to wrap for them, and for Ro and Knight, since we're having a gift exchange with them as well while Wolf and Sydb are here.

Hannukah was good. Ro made a yummy dinner, and Mom made a nice fruit salad for a healthy dessert. There were marshmallows and a small amount of light cool whip, but it was mostly just fruit. We watched the last half hour of Killer Klowns from Outer Space, which was just amazingly bad. Then we watched Bruce Almighty, which I haven't seen since it was in the theater, and Mom hadn't seen at all. It was great.

I went to bed "early" last night, and got enough rest that I got out of bed before my alarm told me to. Got lots to do today, so I'm offline again for the nonce -- probably until sometime tomorrow night.

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