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Christmas stress

Flar and I planned out Christmas shopping tonight, including stocking stuffers. With numbers attached to budgets, even though the spending will all be credit right now.

I've three stores on my list, and general shopping lists for Critter, Tigger, our nieces, and birthday present for Ro. Flar is also buying stuff for Critter and Tigger, and he's shopping for our nephew. Flar doesn't think a gift card will be fun for Scooter. Note: Flar is shopping for Christmas gifts. Our normal mode is to decide on general or specific items and have me to the work. Go Flar.

The rest of my Christmas responsibility is potlucks, gift exchanges (already acquired), favors (at least for Thursday, where I'm secretary) and crafts. I'm making a number of gifts, and helping Tigger with several others.

i had a stress attack about time this evening -- the slow building kind that's like ants under the skin and you finally realize you're stressing about something and that's why it feels like the walls are closing in and everyone's clinging to you like beggar children in a Middle-Eastern Bazaar. I think the understaters of the world call this "getting touchy".

Um, didn't get pictures ready for Tigger's project before tonight, but I promised him 4 by after school tomorrow. But I made headway.

I organized the pictures on my laptop, and copied them to the desktop (where the CD burner is) . Now all I've left to do for creating the gift CDs is mine the kitchen harddrive for pictures, and then see if any of the these duplicate what's on the CD that Flar made for me over the weekend. Tomorrow's goal: 4 pictures for Tigger to use for gifts.

I did dishes this morning, and read the paper (by the end of dinner), and bowled (we kicked butt, and I beat my average in two of the games), and shopped at Sam's and Kroger and remembered Tigger in the right car-line, and sorted a few more coupons and wrote two thank you notes (i figure it's part of the mail), and posted bills from the mail (but not receipts - that'll be tomorrow), and got Flar's requirements from bills tomorrow, and made four favors for bowling on Thursday and made dinner and filled the car with gas and talked with Wolf on the phone, but skipped my weekly bubblebath for time, and found unopened Christmas cards from last year, and went to three different Krogers looking for the brand of veggie sausage I used to use for sausage balls and came up empty, but found thank you cards I liked, and

still haven't had time to read my friends view in LJ.

I feel disconnected, rushed and stressed.

Tired, but agitated, not calm enough for sleep.

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