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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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at least 36 hours away from the computer; it's going to take quite a while to catch up on email and LJ.

Critter woke up with a cough, and painful chest yesterday. He didn't have a fever in the morning, or when the school nurse recommended he go home, but he did by the time he got to the docctor's office at 3:45pm.

He couldn't even finish one slice of cheese pizza for lunch yesterday.

He's got a cough formulation and an antibiotic - to fight/prevent any secondary bacterial infections. He's also taking tylenol for the fever and albuterol until the pain and tightness are gone in his chest.

Tonight, I can see the bottom of his bowl of chicken and dumplings.

Been too busy to read email or LJ, what with catching up at home, taking care of a sick kid, working, and holding the chess club holiday party.

But for the rest of the evening I get to veg out with my laptop.

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Poor Critter. I'm glad he's feeling better today.

No one else caught it??

I missed you. Glad you're ok. *hug*

Not thus far. If it's the flu, I've got some protection from the flu shot. Tigger is crazy about washing hands and not drinking after people and stuff, so he's not at risk. Flar is probably at the most risk in the family.

Half the 8th grade is out, so it's not hard to figure out where Critter got it.

I'm crossing my fingers that Critter is well soon, and no one else succumbs - otherwise my cookie baking party would be ill-advised a week from tomorrow. The doctor said that Critter is contagious as long as he's running a fever. I'm hoping to see him back in school by Monday or Tuesday.

what had happened to you! And I had an e-mail problem the other day, so if you told me what the estimate was for the sewing machine, I didn't get it.
Hope you 'don't get it' as well - stay healthy!

Re: I'd wondered...

If it's the flu, I'm covered - I'm the only one in the family who always gets the shot.

We'll see.

Then again, there is the other bastard flu strand, that scientists did not predict. I got the flu shot as well, but I think I am getting it. The other one.


Wow - when Critter can't even finish *one* slice of pizza, I know he MUST be sick!

*Hug* Hope he feels better soon!

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