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at least 36 hours away from the computer; it's going to take quite a while to catch up on email and LJ.

Critter woke up with a cough, and painful chest yesterday. He didn't have a fever in the morning, or when the school nurse recommended he go home, but he did by the time he got to the docctor's office at 3:45pm.

He couldn't even finish one slice of cheese pizza for lunch yesterday.

He's got a cough formulation and an antibiotic - to fight/prevent any secondary bacterial infections. He's also taking tylenol for the fever and albuterol until the pain and tightness are gone in his chest.

Tonight, I can see the bottom of his bowl of chicken and dumplings.

Been too busy to read email or LJ, what with catching up at home, taking care of a sick kid, working, and holding the chess club holiday party.

But for the rest of the evening I get to veg out with my laptop.
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