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My weekend


I found Flar's car easily in the airport remote lot, and stuck his cell phone in it.

Then I got to Wolf and Sydb's. When I drove up, there was a Saturn-sized spot right in front of their house. And Wolf greeted me in the street after I parked -- he had just then moved the car to give me a good spot. I was tired, but wanted to help, and there were still dishes, so I washed dishes while Sydb sorted through stuff on the kitchen table and SU table, and Wolf dried/put away dishes, played gofer for Sydb, and took care of a few other cleaning tasks.

Bedtime was surprisingly pleasant. Although we were all quite tired, Wolf had enough energy left to help me sleep, and I had the best night's sleep I can recall in quite some time. Deep enough that when I woke up at 4am, I was surprised it wasn't morning yet.


I had to wake up 6am to have enough time to shower, dress, check for email from Flar, and drive to the tournament. Except I didn't know that Wolf had turned encryption back on, and for whatever reason my card won't talk to his router, even specifying the correct encryption code. My computer crashed twice before I figured out what the problem was (when I say they don't talk to each other, that's mild understatement), and by then I was pretty frustrated. I tried using webmail to look for the email, but it's been too long since I cleared old mail out of the basket, which was just too darn full to check for one letter from Flar in the time I had left. Grr.

I left the house 20 minutes later than I'd wanted, but fortunately it took less time to get to the school than I'd expected. I was one of the first chess coaches to get there, and snagged a primo table in the skittle room. We only had five players in the tournament, in two divisions. Which meant we didn't get pairings list for one of the division. Which meant crowding around the pairings posted on the wall, ew. Our players only did so-so, and there was one mix-up about boards, but it was otherwise uneventful. The tournament was run fairly efficiently, and we didn't have a middle school section competing, so I was out of there by around 3 or 4 - I'm not sure now.

When I got back to the house, I got Wolf to turn off encryption for me, so I could check email, only to find out that Flar hadn't sent any. So then I helped with the cleaning by occupying Roo. I surfed over to and showed her animations until Wolf booted me off the couch. Then I lay down, but wasn't able to actually nap before the party.

The tree-trimming party was nice, although I wasn't much help with the tree. I gave Sydb a beaded ornament that I'd made, and munched on party snack. I got to watch Wolf and Bear play [Icehouse] Pikemen, and then played a round with them. I made much of convincing both of them to help me trade pieces to the others' disadvantage, and ended up winning when Wolf chose to block Bear, who was 1 point from winning, leaving me a 2 point capture that gave me the win. That was fun.

My nerves were severely rattled on Saturday. Lots of triggers, no good reasons for the severity of helplessness/withdrawal/anxiety/tears. Being around so many active kids, especially pushing through crowds around the pairing sheets, not getting enough sleep - even though what I got was quality sleep, wanting alone time with Sydb and Wolf that wasn't possible on a day they were throwing a party, not knowing how many people would be coming to the tree-trimming party and fearing a crowd, and underlying all of it, an intense and unquenched need for more attention from Wolf than was possible - than will be possible for at least a month, if not longer.

The above paragraph is the short version. The long version isn't going into type. Unless I decide to set up an emotions filter, and write purely about what's going on. Mostly, it's that (a) almost all emotions are just more intense for me right now and (b) there's far too much available for me to discourage myself with, so (c) the overwhelming emotion, when I let those who care about me know about it, is sadness.

I *might* write about it more in-depth. But that's the short version.

Bedtime was three over-tired people. Wolf took me to bed while Sydb was still reading LJ, and we at least got some time to lie together and talk. When Sydb came to bed, she helped me figure out a plan for Sunday that meant I could stay and go to church with them.

Cuddling was there, and scritching, but sleep was difficult for me to find last night.


This morning, after Sydb and Wolf got up to shower, I snoozed just long enough to have a very bizarre dream. I was naked and then clothed with only a wet towel, in the presence of Liam Neeson, who donned a wet towel to put me at ease. There was a death, which had pieces of the Interactive Mystery from last week, and scenes from Identity, and the dream ended in a get-away scene involving a mini-van and a helicopter, and me, standing naked in the back of the mini-van, pulling down the back door as we were driving away at top speed.

I packed up the car to be able to leave from church, but I forgot to include my dirty clothes hamper, so I ended up driving back to the house before leaving town. At church, Sydb and Wolf were greeting today. Wolf did lots of helping burden-down people through the door, and carrying things for other people. Sydb greeted, and put together new name badges (I have a name at First U now!). I made all the center posts for my beaded ornaments, and completed two more.

I'm officially confused about what that one woman was alluding to, about my Santa Hat. She went on about all the colors in it, as if maybe they were the Kwanzaa colors (today's service at First U was a Kwanzaa service). Specifically, she noted: Purple, brown, black, white and magenta. The Kwanzaa colors are black, red and green. I just looked that up. Anyone have any idea what she could have been thinking?

When I got home, I got to see Critter's desk, and then fixed lunch for all of us. After that, we went out to Joseph-Beth Bookseller and then to the Loony Tunes movie. That was the original plan of attack, until I realized that I'd left the free tickets (from cereal boxes) at home. So we checked the closing time at JB, then doubled back home for tickets. I found myself snoozing through parts of the movie -- my poor sleep catching up with me, I'm afraid. After the movie, we decided to walk over to the store rather than move the car. It was a brisk walk in the cold tonight.

One of Tigger's best friends at school has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), to be precise. This is apparently a kind that is treatable, and his prognosis is good. But, it means that he has to undergo a lengthy course of chemotherapy. He won't be back in school until next year. The third grade is putting together a duffle bag of gifts for him, which is why we went shopping tonight. Tigger picked out a pop-up book, a trapped-ball puzzle and a magic wand. I chose JB for the shopping so that I could go ahead and buy the gift certificates for the Bride and MrCoach, knowing that JB has an excellent toy selection.

When we got home, after a small dinner, I helped Tigger wrap his presents and make a Happy Holidays card. The children are making this a series of holiday presents, rather than get-well gifts, and no one's sure which of the seasonal holidays his family celebrates. Tigger went through my holiday stamps and decided the wrapped present was neutral enough for the card. He wrote the sentiment, and I illuminated the Hs with gold glitter, and then added gold-embossed presents around the lettering.

After that, I sat down to catch up on email and LJ. I need to dump webmail know that I've downloaded all my email.

Mom and Dad sent me their Christmas letter for me to proofread, so I'll do that, and then go on to bed.

I was planning on making a list here, but it's getting late, and I'm getting tired.

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