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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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I'm outta here
Chess Club was in one of the art rooms today, because the faculty was having a baby shower in the library. Crowded. Louder than the library, but not as loud as when it used to be in the cafeteria. I guess I'm already spoiled by having it in the library.

Stopped by Kinko's (forgot to make my personal copies for free at school - go inner-goodie-two-shoes) and CompUSA (Critter needed a cable extension before his desk is installed) on the way home from school.

Flar, who used to give presentations on using voicemail effectively, has been playing pointless phone-tag with me today.

I was considering leaving my computer at home, since I won't be bringing it to the tournament, and it will just be one more thing in the way, but now I have to, in case he follows up in email.

Checking for said email was my excuse to catch up before leaving the house, but I'll check again before leaving for the tournament in the morning. I don't expect to get online again tonight. Too tired.

Debating nuked frozen versus "fast" food en route.

See y'all on Sunday.