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A busy Tuesday

I forgot to post about yesterday. In bullet form:
  • Left the house at 7:20 am to take the boys to school
  • Read the paper before going in to the bowling alley
  • Lost by 24 points, 1 point and 2 points to the number one team
  • Picked up one more item for Christmas crafts
  • Picked up water for Knight and water, etc. for us at Sam's
  • Got my allergy shot
  • Got groceries at Kroger
  • Deposited a check from Mom for Critter's desk
  • Put away the cold groceries and grabbed lunch
  • Picked up the boys
  • Got Tigger a hair cut
  • Dropped off water at Knight's
  • Got home by 4:45 pm
  • Arranged for Kittybane to take Tigger to his birthday party on Saturday
  • Made steak for dinner (they had grillers in the "buy today" section
  • Arranged for the carpenter to come on Saturday
  • Arranged for C to take Critter to his birthday part on Saturday
  • Tracked down Tigger's glasses (at R's, from last Wednesday)
  • Fielded another chess club call
  • Took a bubble bath and had a (late) phone call with Wolf
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